Safariland released several fits and styles of holsters to fit the Taurus GX4.

Safariland just announced the release of several new Taurus GX4 holsters, offering fits in a wide range of styles for the new EDC pistol. The micro-compact GX4 9mm pistol launched recently to much fanfare, brining an affordable new platform for concealed carry use.

Safariland Taurus GX4 Holsters

“The new Taurus GX4 is a compact pistol that’s ideal for every day carry,” said Eric Gasvoda, Vice President and General Manager for The Safariland Group duty gear division. “And Safariland specializes in how Americans carry. These holsters for the new micro-nine GX4 offer immediate options for anyone looking to carry a GX4. From the classic leather of Bianchi to the innovative retention systems developed by Safariland, we have the holster you need.”

Under the Bianchi brand, several lines offer IWB designs. The Model 6 and 6T bring classic IWB designs. Meanwhile, the Bianchi Model 6 ATB combines IWB with a thumb-break strap for more retention.

The Safariland minimalist Model 17 and tuckable 17T also function IWB. The Model 27 offers a SafarLaminate body with adjustable tension. The Bianchi Model 135 adjusts for comfort and concealment needs. The Safariland Model 25 works for pocket carry. Providing even deeper concealment, the Bianchi Model 150 Negotiator provides an ankle-carry option.

For those that prefer carrying outside the waistband, the Bianchi 126 Assent and Model 105 Minimalist deliver. For increased retention, the Bianchi Venom delivers a thumb break strap, while the Bianchi Model 82 utilizes Safariland’s CarryLok system.

Retail prices vary on the numerous fits and styles. For even more info, please visit

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