Cold Steel AD-15 Lite Tactical Folder

With a history of offering purpose-built knives, Cold Steel introduces their new tactical folder, the AD-15 Lite. The AD-15 Lite is a lower-cost version of their popular AD-15 sub-4-inch tactical folding knife. Although easier on the pocketbook, there was no sacrifice in performance.

The AD-15 Lite Tactical Folder

Following the original pattern from Andrew Demko, the AD-15 Lite features the innovative Scorpion Lock design. The Scorpion Lock design includes a strong compression spring/back spacer/yoke assembly, allowing the knife to be operated with one hand—left or right.

The AD-15 Lite mirrors the AD-15 in many ways, including the deep finger grooving on the handle for retention. However, there are minor changes to the material and construction that cut the cost down. For example, the AD-15 Lite uses injection-molded Griv-Ex handle material instead of 3D CNC-machined aluminum. Also, the 3.5-inch saber-ground spear point blade of the AD-15 Lite is constructed of AUS 10A as apposed to the S35VN of the original.

The spear point blade on both features a false edge for maximum penetration and spine jimping to foster improved control. Both versions have an ambidextrous pocket clip for right- or left-hand, tip up carry.

The Cold Steel Tactical Folder is available now with an MSRP of $159.99. For more info, please visit

Cold Steel AD-15 Lite Tactical Folder Specs

Blade Material: AUS 10A
Blade: 3.5 inches
Overall: 8.5 inches
Thick: 3.8 millimeter
Handle: 5 inches
Weight: 6.2 ounces
MSRP: $159.99

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