Cyclops Solutions Waterproof Spotlight

The new waterproof spotlight from Cyclops Solutions serves as both a conventional, high-intensity spotlight as well as a flood light/lantern. The handheld spotlight provides long- and close-range illumination in one package.

Cyclops Solutions Waterproof Spotlight

The pistol grip configuration of the waterproof spotlight provides balanced ease of operation and fatigue-free deployment. Furthermore, the aluminum, PC, rubber and TPR construction of the chassis protects the unit from hard impact. The mix of these materials also gives the spotlight a comfortable, no-slip grip, regardless of the conditions. Also, the IP67 housing construction not only makes the spotlight waterproof and dustproof, but it also allows it to float.

The 20W XHP50.2 Cree LED of the front spotlight allows the user to switch between high, low, SOS, and off. The settings are changed via a magnetic trigger switch with a locking mechanism. The 6W Cree XP-G3 LED rear light serves as a flood light or lantern. The rear light is controlled by an IC ship-monitored battery saver mode, reducing output and extending run time.

Additional features of the Cyclops Waterproof LED Spotlight include:
Model: CYC-2000WP

  • Detachable red filter lens
  • Shatterproof aluminum head
  • Wrist strap with rescue whistle
  • Storage room for a USB cord
  • 10,000-hour LED lifespan
  • 80cm USB Type-C cord
  • 4-pcs blue intellective dual-function LED indicators for charging and battery status
  • USB output 5V 1A power bank with on/off button

The Cyclops Solutions waterproof spotlight will be available soon, no MSRP has been provided yet. For more info, please visit

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