New Safariland HK holster fits accommodate compact weapon lights.

HK fans just got some serious gear for range work, duty and more. Safariland recently released HK holster fits for the VP9 and P30 pistol. The holsters also accommodate TLR-7 and similarly sized compact weapon lights.

Safariland HK Holster Fits

The Safariland HK holster fits provide both retention and versatility. Previously available for full-size lights, including SureFire X300U and Streamlight TLR-1, the new holsters change with an ever-changing accessory landscape.

“The H&K family of products continue to grow in popularity, initially in Europe but increasingly in the U.S.,” said Eric Gasvoda, Vice President and General Manager for The Safariland Group duty gear division. “Safariland offers innovative retention systems that allow owners to access their firearms efficiently under stress, but keep the guns secure when they should be secure. And now we’re expanding our options for VP9s and P30s and have excellent options for guns equipped with weapon-mounted lights.”

Safariland models 6360, 6365, 6390, and 6395 now accommodate the VP9 and P30 with compact lights. The 6000-series holsters combine either ALS or SLS retention, or ALS-only, in a robust duty holster. It mounts using Safariland industry standard Universal Belt Loops. Meanwhile, the Safariland 6304, 6354, and 6384 models incorporate a drop-leg rig. It also works with both pistols and compact weapon lights.

The Safariland HK holsters accommodate Streamlight TLR-7, SureFire XC-1 and XC-2, Nightstick TCM 550XL/XLS and Inforce APLc. For even more info, please visit

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