The Versacarry Rebel IWB holster comes ready for carry-optics.

Carry-optics continues to grow, with more and more concealed carriers switching to red dot optics for defense. The new Versacarry Rebel holster accommodates this going trend, coming optics-ready with fits for Springfield Armory Hellcat and SIG Sauer P365 pistols.

Versacarry Rebel IWB Holster

The Rebel comes built for IWB carry. It features a raised protective backing with closed-cell padding. The design gives users added comfort for all-day carry, according to Versacarry. The Rebel also comes with a custom-molded polymer front to securely hold the firearm in place. The hybrid construction matches the polymer front, with high-quality, comfortable leather.

The two secured belt clips help keep the holster in place. Meanwhile, the forward cant allows for quick, accurate draws. To further customize the feel, the holster also feature an adjustable draw tenstion.

Firearm and optic companies continue pushing the envelope in small, micro-compact pistol and optic designs. The trend will likely continue raging for sometime, as better gear translates into shooter success. In terms of carry, a smaller package presents a gun many will choose to carry each and every day. For those looking to jump into carry-optics, this holster deserves a look. The new Rebel IWB holster retails for $65. For even more info, please visit

Versacarry Rebel IWB Holster Features

  • Optics Compatible
  • Custom-Molded Polymer Front
  • Closed Cell Padded Back
  • Forward Cant
  • Adjustable Draw Tension
  • Outside the Waistband Holster
  • Raised Protective Backing
  • Closed-Cell Padded Back
  • Hybrid Construction
  • MSRP: $65

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