The Exothermic Pulsefire flame thrower packs serious punch.

We could come up with all kinds of tactical, practical or defensive needs to why you might need the Exothermic Technologies Pulsefiree. But c’mon man, it’s a flamethrower, and that’s the reason any of us really need. Now available from Davidson’s, the Exothermic Pulsefire brings serious firepower in a mobile package.

Exothermic Technologies Pulsefire Flamethrower

Founded in 2019, Exothermic Technologies drew some serious attention. Owned and operated by firearms and firefighting professionals, the company commands an enviable blend of experience. The resulting patent-pending Pulsefire LRT flamethrower turns heads for sure. Compact and lightweight, the fully-handheld flamethrower sends of blast of flame some 25 feet away. Simply press the button and blast on!

Users simply fill it with fuel like most any outdoor tool. With the system off, unscrew the cap and pour gasoline or a gas/diesel mixture into the tank. When the battery gets low, take it out and charge it, or swap to a spare one.

Obviously, the Pulsefire brings a serious cool factor. But it also brings practical purposes as well. Firefighters, farmers, controlled burn prescribers ranging from U.S. Forestry Service, ranch hands and more all find it efficient, according to Exothermic. In any light, it provides a safe, effective method to apply fire at distance.

“We’re extremely pleased to bring Exothermic Technologies on board”, said Kane Cannedy, Davidson’s VP of Purchasing. “This is an exciting product and it fits with our direction of adding more variety to our product lines, helping our dealer base offer that same variety to their customers.”

The Exothermic Technologies Pulsefire LRT retails for $689.99. For even more info, please visit

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