Langdon Tactical Technology Custom Springfield Hellcat 3 Micro-Compact OSP

The Springfield Armory Hellcat 3 Mirco-Compact OSP handgun is well thought out personal carry pistol, right off the shelf. But, like anything else, a little customization goes a long way toward making it even better. This is where Langdon Tactical Technology comes in. The Langdon Tactical Springfield Hellcat offers tremendous upgrades for everyday carry.

The Langdon Tactical Springfield Armory Hellcat 3 Micro-Compact OSP

Known for improving the shootability and smoothness of pistols, it is no surprise that LTT started with an Apex Trigger. The addition of the Apex Trigger decreases the trigger pull by 1 pound, compared to the factory trigger. The Apex Trigger also reduces over-travel and reset distance, while providing a crisper break.

The Ameriglo Sight Set comes as a taller sight set, for improved visibility when used with a Micro Red Dot sight. It also works well with the C&H Precision Weapons Adaptor plate and Holosun 407k/507k red dot optic. The 407k/507k Adaptor plate comes with the LTT custom Springfield Hellcat and requires no machining work to attach.

The custom Hellcat comes with your choice of red dot optics, choosing between the Sig Romeo Zero or Holosun 407k. Although it is worth noting that they have a limited number of 407ks available. So, you will want to order quickly if that is your optic of choice. If you opt for the Sig Romeo Zero, you will not need the C&H Precision Weapons Adaptor Plate.

To ensure a solid grip during firing, the custom Hellcat features Talon Evolution Grips, including the Mag Grip Pro and Pinky Extension Pro.

To round off the fit and finish, the LTT custom Springfield Hellcat includes a red Hyve Technologies back plate with LTT logo. Tying it all together, is a red Extended Mag Release Button. Although, be aware that the hue between the red anodized back plate and mag button are a different hue than the red Apex trigger. However, there is a Hyve upgrades option with black trigger, if that is important to you.

Custom Hellcat Availability

Langdon Tactical Technology Custom Springfield Hellcat 3 Micro-Compact OSP

Custom Springfield Hellcat 3 Features

  • RDO Mounting Options (Sig Romeo Zero or Holosun 407k)
  • Talon Evolution Grips Package
  • Upgradable Mag Release and Backplate
  • Apex Tactical Trigger Kit
  • Ameriglo Sight Set
  • 407k/507k Adaptor Plate
  • Hyve Technologies Back Plate

The LTT custom Springfield Armory Hellcat is available now with an MSRP of $685-$1,028, based on options. For more info, please visit

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