Known for performance under the hardest conditions, the name SIG Sauer is synonymous with dependability. SIG Sauer is the firearm of choice by many in military, law enforcement and concealed carry proponents. The introduction of the SIG Sauer P365 FCU (Fire Control Unit) gives you a micro-compact, according to your personal specs. The P365 FCU comes a year after the Custom Works P320 FCU.

The Sig Sauer P365 FCU

For the discerning firearm enthusiast comes an unprecedented level of customization and personalization in a micro-compact carry platform. The P365 FCU Studio gives you full control of your firearm before you even order it. You pick your own grip module, magazines, custom slide, barrel, optics and accessories, for thousands of configuration options.

When you arrive at the Studio you are presented with a silhouette of the P365, with the FCU in place. Starting with the grip module you have a choice between P365 Standard or P365XL Standard— in black, coyote or gray. You can immediately send it to the cart or click preview to add it to your custom build and continue.

The Custom Works Studio starts with a silhouette of the P365 with the FCU in place.

Next, you add the slide. The slide options include Standard 3.1 inch (black), SAS 3.1 inch (black, coyote or stainless), P365X 3.1 inch with NS plate (black), P365XL 3.7 inch with NS plate (black) or P365XL 3.7 inch Spectre with NS plate (black). Then add your barrel from two options, P365 3.1 inch or P365XL 3.7 inch LCI.

Like the barrel, there are only two options for the guide and spring assembly, matching the two slide lengths. The choices are the P365 recoil ASSY 3.1 inch or P365XL recoil ASSY 3.7 inch. However, the magazines offer quite a few options. You can add the 10rd (black or coyote), 10rd finger extension (black or coyote), P365/P365XL 12rd (black or coyote), P365/P365XL 15rd (black or coyote), P365XL 10rd flush (black).

Finally, you finish with the optics and can choose from either the ROMEOZero 3MOA or ROMEOZero 6MOA, both in black.

When finished, you have the Sig Sauer P365 FCU that matches you best, according to your personal specifications.

The finished Sig Sauer P365 FCU custom build in the Studio.


The Sig Sauer P365 FCU is available now with the MSRP based on options during Studio build. For more info, please visit

The Sig Sauer P365 FCU (Fire Control Unit)

Sig Sauer P365 FCU Features

  • Exclusive Titanium Nitride Frame
  • Titanium Nitride Skeletonized Trigger
  • Custom FCU Serial Number
  • Compatible with all 9mm P365 accessories
  • Build a custom P365 with a full line of performance parts and accessories at

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