SIM-X Tactical Solutions 45ACP DEFENSCORE Ammo

After the successful launch of their DEFENSECORE Ammo line, with 9mm and 40S&W, SIM-X Tactical Solutions adds 45ACP to the lineup. In fact, their smart-bullet SubMass technology is changing the game in lightweight ammunition.

SIM-X Tactical Solutions 45ACP DEFENSECORE Handgun Ammo

The DEFENSECORE line features three different defense rounds, designed for handgun or carbine platforms. Available in 9mm, 40S&W and now 45ACP, they boast hyper-velocity with performance recoil. The patent pending synthetic-polymer core is perfectly married to their propriety jacket, providing improved performance as a result.

The marriage of core to jacket is called smart-bullet technology and provides predictable penetration and control, regardless of velocity. For this reason, the DEFENSECORE product line is able to penetrate hard barriers but maintain full control in soft targets. As a result, there is no through and through, mitigating the potential for collateral damage.

Manufactured in the United States, the SIM-X DEFENSECORE ammo is 100% lead-free and utilizes patented smart-bullet technology. The SubMass core provides an 80% – 90% reduction in weight, compared to standard lead core ammunition. However, it still has equal or greater impact and tensile strength.

Accordingly, the weight reduction provides a round with muzzle velocities nearly twice that of standard pistol and carbine rounds. Additionally, they pack a heavy impact. Further, they are currently the only commercial product delivering 500-foot pounds of energy in 9mm, 40S&W and 45ACP.

“We do much more than manufacture and sell bullets. Our Sub-Mass technology and proprietary designs have allowed SIMX to make a dramatic leap forward in bullet technology as we work to innovate an industry and market long reliant on legacy products” said William D. Reilly, CEO at SIM-X.

SIM-X also offers three other performance ammunition lines for all shooting disciplines. Their RANGECORE, DUTYCORE and BATTLECORE ammo lines feature technology specific to those needs. All four ammo lines from SIM-X utilize their smart-bullet SubMass technology for enhanced performance on the range, defense situation and on duty.

SIM-X Tactical Solutions 45ACP DEFENSCORE Ammo Availability

The SIM-X Tactical Solutions 45ACP DEFENSCORE Ammo is available now, MSRP is based on caliber. For more info, please visit SIMXAmmo.

Sub-Mass Technology Features

  • Increased Velocity
  • Penetration Control
  • Reduced Recoil
  • Faster Follow-Up
  • Flatter Trajectory
  • 100% Lead-Free, Biodegradable Core
  • Weight Reduction

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