Zev Technologies polymer basepads add 5 9mm or 4 .40 S&W rounds to Glock mags.

Whether for competition, duty or concealed carry, magazine capacity remains a top priority for many shooters. For those looking to increase their payload with a Glock pistol, Zev Technologies Polymer Basepads meet that demand. Available in an assortment of colors, the basepads deliver +5 in 9mm and +4 in .40 S&W Glock pistols.

Zev Technologies Polymer Basepads

The new basepads come with an extended magazine spring. Color options include black, red, grey and Flat Dark Earth. Zev designed each accessory component to accommodate Glock generations 1-5. The design also promotes easy maintenance without damaging the magazine body, according to ZEV Technologies.

“After a long period of development and testing we are excited to finally show the market our durable, high quality and reliable Polymer Basepads,” said Dan Groce, Director of Brand Engagement, Zev Technologies.

The available products span the Glock pistol line, meaning Zev offers an affordable way to increase your magazine capacity, whether for duty, competition or personal defense. The Polymer Basepads range in price from $31 to $47. For even more info, please visit zevtechnologies.com.

The new Zev Technologies polymer basepads add a low-cost mag increase.

Zev Technologies Polymer Basepad Glock Compatibility

  • 17 (1st – 3rd Generation)
  • 17C (1st – 3rd Generation)
  • 34 (1st – 3rd Generation)
  • 17L (1st – 3rd Generation)
  • 22 (1st – 3rd Generation)
  • 22C (1st – 3rd Generation)
  • 35 (1st – 3rd Generation)
  • 24 (1st – 3rd Generation)
  • 24C (1st – 3rd Generation)
  • 31 (1st – 3rd Generation)
  • 31C (1st – 3rd Generation)
  • 17 (4th Generation)
  • 34 (4th Generation)
  • 22 (4th Generation)
  • 35 (4th Generation)
  • 31 (4th Generation)
  • 17 (5th Generation)
  • 22 (5th Generation)
  • 34 (5th Generation)

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