Galco Concealed Carry Day Planners.

There are certain situations where a gun just isn’t readily acceptable, like the boardroom or certain social situations. However, that does not mean you are necessarily safe from those with nefarious intentions. While carrying concealed may not always be an option in office or dress wear, there are options. Concealed carry options like Galco Day Planners blend right in with any environment, while providing immediate access to personal protection.

Galco Concealed Carry Day Planners

The Galco line of concealed carry day planners features three different models, for varying needs and environments. All three planners, the iDefense, Hidden Agenda and Defense Planner feature full grain leather construction. Utilizing the same leather as Galco’s handbags, they are also padded to prevent “printing” during carry.

Additionally, each one features a lockable zipper pull and removable wrist strap. To ensure nearly universal fitment, the holsters and spare ammo loops are elastic to accommodate handguns of various sizes.

The largest of the three, the iDefense is large enough to carry a tablet computer, as well as a defensive handgun. While the firearm is nestled safely in its elasticized holster, the tablet rests outside the gun compartment on a sturdy backing plate. The backing plate is also fully adjustable for tablet angle.

Filling the mid-size category, the Hidden Agenda also doubles as a fully functional day planner. Placing the firearm and spare magazines in a separate compartment from the business tools allows for discreet use. As a result, you can still open your planner in a meeting, without unintentionally exposing your defensive pistol. The Hidden Agenda also comes with a Day Runner calendar and pad of ruled paper.

Finally, brining in the small size compact carrying case is the Defense Planner. Unlike the others in the series, the Defense Planner does not have any features other than discreet carry. The Defense Planner masquerades as a compact day planner but opens to reveal your handgun and spare magazine.

The Galco Concealed Carry Day Planners are available now with an MSRP of $97.00 – $184.00, depending on model. For more info, please visit

Defense Planner Features

The Galco Defense Concealed Carry Day Planner.
  • Full grain leather
  • Carries a handgun and spare ammo
  • Elasticized internal holster and ammo carrier
  • Lockable nickel plated zipper pull
  • Removable wrist lanyard
  • Measures 8 1/2″ L, 6″ W, 1 1/4″ D
  • MSRP: $97.00

NOTE: Not compatible with red dot optics.

Hidden Agenda Planner Features

The Galco Hidden Agenda Concealed Carry Day Planner.
  • Full grain leather
  • Carries a handgun and spare ammo
  • Lockable nickle zipper pulls
  • Removable wrist lanyards
  • Hidden Agenda is a fully functional day planner
  • Measures 9 1/2″ L, 6″ W, 1 1/4″ D
  • MSRP: $172.00

NOTE: Not compatible with red dot optics.

iDefense Planner Features

The Galco iDefense.
  • Full grain leather
  • Carries a variety of tablet styles
  • Fully adjustable for tablet viewing angle
  • Elasticized internal holster and magazine carrier
  • Removable wrist lanyard
  • Internal pocket for documents or small items
  • Measures 10” L, 8” W, 2 ½” D
  • MSRP: $184.00

NOTE: Not compatible with red dot optics.

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