Some folks might not think it necessary. But if you’re really going to commit to everyday carry, then including a spare magazine into your setup comprises a solid choice. While most will never need it, you simply can stay in a fight, if it ever comes, if you run out of ammo. So learning to effectively conduct a magazine reload remains a critical component to training.

A Magazine Reload, Under Pressure, Can Make the Difference in a Gun Fight

But according to SIG Sauer, running out of ammo isn’t the only reason to carry a spare magazine. In fact, FBI data shows most defensive shootings only count three rounds discharged in a fight. So why should we carry an extra mag?

“The real reason it’s important to carry an extra magazine is because of potential gun stoppages related to a magazine malfunction,” SIG explained. “No matter what gun you own, pistol magazines have a lifespan and wear out over time. Feed lips and followers can become worn, springs lose their strength, and the magazine itself can get dented or dinged from training. Part of the responsibility of gun ownership involves the regular inspection of your firearm before use.

“However, unlike a car for example, there’s no check engine light on a magazine to let you know it’s time for maintenance,” SIG continued. “It will simply stop functioning and in a defensive scenario, there’s no sound worse than the click of the trigger with no bang. Simple checks on your magazine like pushing the follower up and down to ensure it functions, or even checking to see that it’s clear of dirt or carbon build up, will go a long way towards ensuring your pistol functions properly every time.”

Train With a Spare Magazine

Obviously, the primary magazine resides in your EDC. Many choose the smaller mag here, one that refrains from printing while concealed. But your backup magazine provides an opportunity to increase your payload. You can carry in a belt-mounted magazine pouch or a pocket magazine carrier. Always make sure you maintain magazine retention. And always keep it in the same location as part of your training.

Keep your gun cleaned and in good running condition as well. SIG advises to lubricate it regularly and replace the recoil spring every 3,000 rounds. Finally, get some good training. Classes like the one in the video from SIG Sauer Academy teach the finer points of immediate and remedial actions. Everybody wants to shoot, and we get it. But know how to keep the gun running, and train hard.

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