The new Springfield XDm Elite Compact is built for carry optics.
(Photo by Teya Freeman)

Springfield Armory’s partnership with HS Produkt brought the HS2000 line of pistols to the US as the now-famous Springfield XD, and highest-capacity micro-compact H11 as the Springfield Hellcat. Now the trans-Atlantic partnership have joined forces to put the American-metric 10mm in the Springfield XDm Elite Compact OSP.

Springfield Armory XDm Elite Compact OSP Details

10mm was previously only available in XDm trim, and only in 4.5- and 5.25-inch models. The XDm Elite line adds full, truly ambidextrous controls, a smart magazine well, isosceles-friendly extended grip safety, and Springfield Armory’s META (Match Enhanced Trigger Assembly) trigger. All of these features come packed into a compact pistol to provide 10mm power without the traditional heft and size of a 10mm pistol.

Those looking for 10mm power may wonder if those legendary energy levels are still achieved from just a 3.8-inch barrel. Five loads we tested proved that this compact 10mm pistol still outperforms full-size .45 ACP (about 370 foot-pounds) and compact 9mm pistols (about 340 foot-pounds) with proper ammunition choice. More muzzle energy than either, with higher capacity than .45 ACP, and a broader projectile than 9mm.

Packing that much power into a compact pistol can make for a gun that is a challenge to shoot. Springfield eliminates sight radius concerns with the optional Hex Dragonfly red dot with an easy-to-spot 3.5 MOA dot. The pistol’s 1.2-inch width may seem on the broad side for modern compact pistols, but the double-stack 10mm rounds have to go somewhere. The breadth helps to fill the hand and distribute any recoil energy not absorbed by the dual captured recoil assembly.

The Springfield XDm Elite Compact comes topped with a Hex red dot.

All features combined, the XDm Elite Compact 10mm creates a carry-friendly way to have 10mm defensive energy ready for the jungles, concrete or natural. For even more info, please visit

Shooting Data Table

BrandProjectileAverage VelocityMuzzle EnergyGroup Size
Nosler180-gr. JHP1,1345142.37″
Hornady Custom180-gr. XTP1,2015761.64″
DoubleTap190-gr. Equalizer1,086497*3.41″ (P), 4.56″ (S)
Speer200-gr. Gold Dot1,0164582.89″
DoubleTap200-gr. Controlled Expansion1,1005371.57″
5-shot groups fired unsupported from 15 yards. Velocity measured in feet per second, muzzle energy in foot-pounds. *DoubleTap Equalizer rounds feature two projectiles. Group results derive from primary (P) and secondary (S) projectiles.

Springfield Armory XDm Elite Compact OSP Specs

  • CALIBER: 10mm
  • COLOR: Black
  • BARREL: 3.8″ Hammer Forged Steel, Melonite Finish, 1:10
  • SLIDE: Forged Steel, Melonite Finish, Optics Ready
  • FRAME: Black Polymer
  • SIGHTS: Fiber Optic Front, Tactical Rack U-Dot Rear, HEX Dragonfly
  • RECOIL SYSTEM: Captive
  • GRIP WIDTH: 1.2″
  • MAGAZINES: (2) 11-Round
  • WEIGHT: 28.5 oz.
  • LENGTH: 6.75″
  • HEIGHT: 4.58″
  • MSRP: $818

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