Adjustable SIG XRay3 Day/Night sights crucial part of the XCARRY LEGION package. LEGION markings on the sight plate are visible.

Exeter, New Hampshire has evolved into the epicenter of the handgun universe. This is in large part to the polymer, striker-fired SIG Sauer P320 series that arrived in 2014. Selection as the U.S. Army’s pistol, and soon thereafter the rest of the DOD, provided reputation, solidification and vindication for P320. 

SIG P320 XCARRY Legion

SIG owns an enviable reputation for introducing new variants of already successful weapons. The company routinely combines/adds features based on assessments from competition, tactical, LE and personal defense customers. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to have a successful new model. SIG currently carries nineteen (19) P320 variants on its website. The SIG P320 XCARRY Legion is one of the newest P320’s and the focus of this article. While individual features will be highlighted, the Legion designation carries extra weight in “SIG world.” Legion nomenclature indicates SIG “tweaking” an already established product based on feedback from SIG SAUER’s elite professional clients around the world.  

A Legion weapon comes ready for customers who rigorously use their gear on the range and more importantly in the field.  SIG SAUER’s plan with Legion members is to foster a brotherhood among SIG’s most loyal patrons. Legion customers are privy to exclusive Legion products. Each member owns a unique serial number for accessing Legion gear. This grants entry to restricted parts of the SIG SAUER website.     

What sets the P320 XCARRY Legion apart from its other P320 stable mates? First, is the Legion Gray PVD coating covering the stainless steel slide. The same gray covers the Tungsten Infused XCARRY Grip Module. These items are not merely idle window dressing; the coating improves durability. Legion markings on the sight plate and all three of the Henning Group anodized aluminum basepads further denotes Legion status weapon.   

XCARRY Legion Features

Other XCARRY Legion features consists of X-Series flat skeleton trigger, detachable extended flared magwell, fully adjustable XRay3 Day/Night suppressor-height sights with U-notch rear, ½”x28 threaded barrel and XSeries Optic Ready Slide compatible with SIG Romeo 1PRO, Leupold Delta Point Pro, or Trijicon RMR red dots. The ability to easily mount a red dot optic on the SIG P320 XCARRY Legion is a sure sign of the times. Red dot use on handguns is spreading rapidly to everyday personal defense weapons, law enforcement and military weapons.  

It does not take a drastic imagination leap to visualize what roles a suppressed P320 XCARRY LEGION would fill.  Anything from sentry removal, canine or other, and CQB operations indoors come to mind.

Part of the XCARRY Legion upgrade is a 30-percent lighter trigger pull. The SIG XSeries straight trigger offers a 90-degree break for better geometry and less likely to pull sights to the right or left. The Tungsten-infused frame not only adds overall weight to the XCARRY but concentrates it in the hand, thus lowering the pistol’s center of gravity. The beefier 40 ounces of empty weight with a low center of gravity reduces muzzle flip 50 percent over similar sized polymer pistols. All of this translates into a handgun that stacks rounds on top of each other in a hurry.   

Beyond Concealed Carry

Considering that the P320 XCARRY Legion’s design intent borders on it being an offensive handgun, especially when a suppressor is mounted, it was decided to dedicate some time evaluating it working around breaching facades, door entries, and other CQB activities. The natural pointability of the P320 XCARRY Legion comes into its own in this realm. A premium is placed on a quick-handling, accurate handgun such as the XCARRY, with multiple rounds fired in quick succession the norm. 

We mated a SIG SRD45 pistol silencer suppressor to the XCARRY Legion. It features a Grade 9 titanium tube and 17-4PH stainless steel baffles for lighter weight, while maintaining durability. The SRD45 features a booster for use with Browning short recoil system. It also ships with both .578-28tpi and M16x1mm LH pistons. A ½”x28 was necessary to mount on the 9MM XCARRY. The SRD45’s overall length is 7.9 inches with a diameter of 1.38 inches and weighs only 12 ounces while offering 133db sound rating. 

Versatile Operator

It does not take a drastic imagination leap to visualize what roles a suppressed P320 XCARRY Legion would fill. Anything from sentry removal, canine or other, and CQB operations indoors come to mind. Further offensive role enhancement with the XCARRY Legion could be achieved by mounting an infrared laser target designator on its integral rail, combined with an operator using night vision goggles. This is obviously a very specialized application relegated to operations associated with Tier 1 units.

Tritium inserts visible in the XRAY3 Day/Night sights.

With 147-grain 9mm loads typically measuring subsonic, they provide the obvious choice for suppressor use. This is one of the reasons why 9mm handguns are favorite candidates to suppress. The SRD45 proved effective at taming the muzzle blast of even 115-grain and 124-grain +P supersonic loads. All loads could be fired without the use of ear protection.   

No malfunctions with the SIG P320 XCARRY Legion were experienced during range visits to Echo Valley Training Center (EVTC), with nearly 350 rounds fired. SIG Sauer ammunition was prominent in the T&E, including SIG Elite 147-grain and 115-grain V-Crown and 124-grain FMJ.  A .50-cal can full of assorted ammunition ranging from steel, aluminum, and brass case was used. Magazines were loaded with these random loads as a sort of reliability proofing. One note associated with magazines: the three 17-round magazines that arrive with the XCARRY Legion featuring the Henning Group baseplates have no issue seating with the flared mag well. The 21-round P320 magazines are another great option with the flared mag well. Standard P320 magazines with radius baseplate fronts will either need modified to fully seat, or the XCARRY Legion’s detachable mag well removed, to work.    

Getting On Target

The adjustable XRay3 Day/Night sights proved an asset, providing an excellent sight picture with tritium inserts. It also brought the ability to maintain aimed fire with the SIG suppressor threaded on. Shooters can correct any shift of aim caused by suppressor with the adjustable rear sight. These same sights co-witness with a red dot installed.  

A SIG SRD45 pistol silencer suppressor was chosen to mate up to the XCARRY LEGION.  A ½”x28 piston was necessary to mount on the 9MM XCARRY LEGION.

The XCARRY Legion arrives ready to go right out of the box—threaded barrel, elevated adjustable day/night sights, etc. The key point with the SIG Sauer P320 XCARRY Legion is that it is eminently adaptable to an individual or department/unit needs. Everything from the homeowner with a light/laser combo to an elite military team with night vision and infrared target designator and suppressor mounted will find the XCARRY Legion a handgun worthy of consideration. 

SIG SAUER P320 XCARRY Legion Specs

  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Magazine Capacity: 17 rounds (three magazines provided with Henning Group baseplates)
  • Overall Barrel Length: 4.6”
  • Overall Length: 8.1”
  • Sight Radius: 5.8”
  • Overall Height: 5.9”
  • Width: 1.6”
  • Overall Weight Empty: 40.5 oz

SIG P320 XCARRY Legion Performance

Load (SIG Sauer Ammnition)Velocity AverageAccuracy Average
115-gr. V-Crown JHP1,197 fps1.75″
147-gr. V-Crown JHP917 fps2.25″
124-gr. FMJ1,105 fps2.5″
Match Elite 147-gr. JHP841 fps2″

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