The Bianchi Shenandoah Convertible Holster.

Like many, I find myself in various situations that call for either IWB (inside-the-waistband) or OWB (outside-the-waistband) carry. However, switching back and forth between holsters can be frustrating and changes the draw. Not to mention, I have my personal favorite holster and hate to have to switch to something else. With the new Shenandoah convertible holster from Bianchi, you can have your favorite holster, whether the situation calls for IWB or OWB.

The Bianchi Shenandoah Convertible Holster

The Shenandoah starts on a base of Hytrel, which is a flexible polyester. Thanks to the flexible nature of Hytrel, the Shenandoah provides both comfortable carry and protection for the firearm. The 3D printed Hytrel is an integration of new materials, as Bianchi embraces a new direction for the company. For additional comfort when worn in the OWB configuration, the holster includes a foam AIWB pad.

In true Bianchi style, the face of the Shenandoah features flat suede-backed full-grain leather. However, the holster sets a high bar on versatility with the exchangeable IWB belt clip or two OWB belt loops. Switching between the two carry methods is uniquely fast and easy via a few simple Phillips head screws.

The Shenandoah is only available for micro-9mm carry and features slide mounted optics compatibility. Correspondingly, the multi-fit capability comes from the Pinch Retention Device (PRD). The PRD is a trigger guard retention system that provides additional security and feedback as the firearm clicks into the trigger guard.

“The Shenandoah is a bold representation of the new direction of Bianchi Leather,” said Eric Gasvoda, Vice President and General Manager for the Safariland Group duty gear division. “Bianchi is staying true to its roots with the leather build of Shenandoah, but we’re integrating new materials and customizable elements that allow for an increase in functionality for those who want flexibility from their EDC holster. This is the first Bianchi holster to have been designed with 3D printing, but we’re still building each one with the traditional craftsmanship that defines Bianchi Leather.”

A New Direction

In an effort to constantly grow and evolve, Bianchi recently announced a rebranding effort to reconnect with customers. Part of the rebranding comes in the form of an updated, dedicated website. As a result, customers have a more streamlined way to find the perfect fit for their firearms. It will also be a hub for Bianchi customer service, social connection and a showcase of customer stories.

When you arrive at the new website you will notice a refreshed logo. The updated logo pays homage to Bianchi’s commitment to public servants. It also serves as a reminder of its roots in the American West and the potential the brand offers for those who carry concealed or in the field.

“Bianchi is a pillar in the firearms industry,” said Brad Williams, President of The Safariland Group. “Since its founding in 1958, Bianchi has been the benchmark for leather holsters. Now Bianchi is adding to our line to meet the needs of both experienced and new gun owners. We’re bringing back the spirit of innovation in leather, expanding our catalog to include more EDC fits, and refining the classic carry designs that have won devoted fans in the law enforcement and tactical communities and are bringing Bianchi’s potential to a wider audience—to anyone who wants to live life protected.”


The Bianchi Shenandoah Convertible holster is available now, in black or tan, with an MSRP of $78.00. For more info, please visit

The Bianchi Shenandoah Convertible Holster features a flexible Hytrel back.

Bianchi Shenandoah Convertible Holster features

  • Designed to be convertible from Inside-the-Waistband to Outside Waistband and back in less than 30 seconds with easy switch of belt loops and belt clip, using a common Philips head screwdriver
  • Pinch Retention Device (PRD) clicks into handgun trigger guard, providing extra security and a tactile response, letting the user know the fi rearm is fully holstered
  • Full grain leather exterior panel, available in both tan and black
  • Suede lined and precise injection molded interior matched for a snug, exact fit with firearm
  • Holster includes OWB belt loops, IWB adapters, IWB J-hook, a wedge device, and foam AIWB pad

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