The Bastinelli D Vil Mini Dragotac.
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Bastinelli Creations has a reputation throughout the self-defense knife community, for purpose-built defensive knives. As a matter of fact, the larger Dragotac is where it all started for the maker. However, the much larger blade size did not fit the legal parameters of most jurisdictions. For that reason, the Bastinelli D Vil Mini Dragotac features a blade length that is legal most anywhere.

The Bastinelli D Vil Mini Dragotac

Like its larger predecessor, the Mini Dragotac features a modified Wharncliffe blade profile. As a result, it is perfect for self-defense, due to the deep penetration abilities of the aggressive tip. Likewise, the full flat grind ensures a keen edge, maximizing its slicing capabilities, while the swedge at the tip aids in penetration. Although it is a shorter blade, the keen edge is also good for food prep and other general EDC tasks.

Where the Mini Dragotac differs most significantly from the original is in its 2.875-inch blade length. In keeping the blade under 3-inches it is legal in most any jurisdiction. Whereas its predecessor would be skirting the law in most places.

The Mini Dragotac is brought to its full 6.75 inches via a thumb button. Additionally, just forward and to the rear of the thumb button is some light jimping along the crowned spine. As a result, the spine provides additional, comfortable retention during use. For aesthetics, the thumb button additionally has “D Vil” engraved on the top. The knife is held in tight lockup via the frame lock. However, there is no steel insert, so expect a little wear and tear on the lock over time.

The frame is a combination of black textured G-10 on the presentation side and bronze titanium on the obverse. Keeping the Mini Dragotac hidden in the pocket until needed, is a deep carry pocketclip. Correspondingly, the pocketclip is held in place with a glass breaker bolt and is reversable for right- or left-hand carry. In addition, with a weight of 2.96 ounces, the Mini Dragotac presents a very light footprint in the pocket.


The Bastinelli D Vil Mini Dragotac is available now with an MSRP of $270.00. For more info, please visit

The Bastinelli D Vil Mini Dragotac.
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Bastinelli D Vil Mini Dragotac Specs

Blade Material: M390 Stainless Steel
Blade: 2.875 inches
Overall: 6.75 inches
Closed: 3.875 inches
Thick: .140 inch
Handle: 3D Machined Black G-10 with Bronze Titanium Lock
Handle Thickness: .525
Weight: 2.96 ounces
MSRP: $270.00

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