The CRKT Clever Girl Kukri.

Just in time for Veteran’s Day comes a knife designed by veteran Austin McGlaun. The design is a part of CRKT’s long running Forged by War program and is the third design for McGlaun. As a result of his time at Fork Polk, McGlaun designed the Clever Girl Kukri to tackle laborious camp chores, and it now joins the CRKT family of knives.

The CRKT Clever Girl Kukri

Made famous by the world-renowned Gurkhas, the kukri is widely popular in both self-defense and outdoors communities. With a wide upper chest and sharp inward curve towards the belly, the kukri features a forward chopping weight. However, the forward weight does not result in an unbalanced feel in the hand.

The 7.75-inch blade utilizes SK-5 carbon steel which is gaining popularity as an affordable option. Although it is somewhere between the low- and mid-range, SK-5 provides excellent wear resistance and longer edge retention. As is typical with the kukri, the Clever Girl features a high saber grind. This provides a keen edge for finer camp work while remaining robust enough for heavy duty chopping chores.

The 13.25-inch overall length of the Clever Girl features a full tang design with textured G-10 handle scales. The handle has three holes along its length, with one positioned perfectly for the attachment of a lanyard. In addition, at the butt, the tang is exposed for use as a crushing/striking implement.

The Clever Girl comes with a heavy-duty, molded Kydex sheath with belt clip and lanyard for hip carry and easy access. Additionally, ensuring quick access when it matters most, the sheath features a forward draw design.

The CRKT Clever Girl Kukri includes a heavy-duty molded Kydex sheath.

Although traditional kukris tend to be bigger, the Clever Girl is the perfect option for outdoors people looking for something more carry friendly.

“It’ll do any job that an ax will do, but it will also do any job that a knife will do. And when you’re looking at backpacking, ounces equal pounds, pounds equal pain”, says McGlaun. “You can chop firewood, build shelters, cut limbs and stakes, skin game or process game with it, protect yourself… It has more outdoor versatile uses than any other design of mine.”


The CRKT Clever Girl Kukri is available now with an MSRP of $135.00. For more info, please visit

The CRKT Clever Girl Kukri.

CRKT Clever Girl Kukri Specs

Blade Material: SK-5
Blade: 7.75 inches
Overall: 13.25 inches
Thick: .19 inch
Handle: G-10
Weight: 5.60 ounces
MSRP: $135.00

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