The CrossBreed Rogue Holster System.

CrossBreed Holsters first revolutionized comfortable IWB carry, in 2005. Since that time, it has diligently refined what comfort means. Now, CrossBreed is shaking things up again, with its new Rogue Holster System, providing modular customization and wear options.

The CrossBreed Rogue Holster System

From its inception, CrossBread Holsters maintains a reputation for leather-backed comfort. However, with the new Rogue system, CrossBreed makes its venture into full Kydex options. In this case, the Rogue system has a two-piece all-Kydex gun pocket at the heart of its construction. Although the Rogue is all Kydex, CrossBreed maintains its well known comfort via a smooth skin side.

The molded gun pocket provides precise fitment for popular models from Glock, SIG Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory and Taurus. To ensure a secure fit, the gun pocket includes a strategically placed retention adjustment. In addition, the holster works with both stock and modified handguns, due to its suppressor-height front sight channel. The gun pocket also includes an optic cut, accommodating various red-dot sights.

Designed to work with multiple clips, further expanding carry options, the Rogue system provides full user customization. The system works with the supplied Reckoning-style metal clips, Ulticlip, Monoblock, IWB snap loops and OWB loops.

Strategically placed screw holes and slots work along with the different clip options for multiple positioning. As a result, it accommodates OWB or IWB carry, in multiple positions and cants—like strong-side, appendix and cross-draw. Additionally, an optional CB Concealment Claw positions the gun’s grip closer to the body during IWB carry, to minimize printing and obstruction.

An included all-Kydex mag pouch rounds out the modular system. The pouch attaches to the gun pocket via a flexible plastic band, for an individual contoured fit. However, two plastic bands are included, allowing users to choose between a vertical or forward cant magazine orientation. Although, for those that prefer to wear their mag pouch elsewhere, the mag pouch can be separated and worn independently.


The CrossBreed Rogue Holster System is available now, with an MSRP starting at $99.95, depending on optional add-ons. For more info, please visit

The CrossBreed Rogue Holster System.

CrossBreed Rogue Holster System features:

  • Detachable magazine carrier so you’re always ready for the fight
  • Adjustable retention so you can easily adjust the holster for a smoother draw or more security
  • Concealment claw for a more discreet carry
  • Multiple clip options and locations for a fully customized fit
  • Adjustable cant for the perfect draw angle
  • Multiple clip options for desired carry style, height, and location: the Rogue Holster can be worn strong side, appendix, or even cross-draw with our OWB loops
  • Adjustable clip mounting locations allow the clips to be adjusted for higher or lower carry positions
  • The curved design allows the holster to slightly wrap around your body, making the holster less noticeable in your waistband
  • MSRP: $99.95

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