The Polymer80 AFT Home Handgun Builder Kit.

There is something very rewarding about building something useful. Not only does it help to further understand how it works, but it also gives you full control over customizations. The Polymer80 AFT Home Handgun Builder Kit provides that same project gratification, but in a pistol.

The Polymer80 AFT Home Handgun Builder Kit

For inexperienced and experienced firearm builders alike, the Polymer80 AFT sets you on the path of building a high-quality handgun. If you’ve never built a firearm but always wanted to, the AFT has everything you need to get you started. By the time you finish it you will have a complete PFS9 or PFC9 pistol, with serial number. The kit follows a recent ATF raid on the Polymer80 factory, over alleged “ghost gun” allegations. However, build with confidence, these kits are fully serialized.

Included in the kit are a serialized pistol frame, complete frame parts kit, complete slide assembly, Locking Block Rail System & Rear Rail Module, magazine and hard side pistol case. With new builders in mind, the AFT is accordingly designed to be user friendly. Specifically, everything comes pre-drilled and requires no hand tools for assembly.

For experienced builders—or beginners who know what they want—the AFT kit is fully customizable. As a result, you can build the pistol that suits your exact needs. The polymer frame offers next generation ergonomics and features you would expect on a high-quality handgun. Features such as picatinny rail, double undercut trigger guard, extended beavertail, right & left thumb rail, 1911 grip angle and PTFX texture pattern.

“The popularity of building your own firearm continues to grow exponentially,” said Loran Kelley, Polymer80’s founder and CEO. “We have had customer requests for a kit that offers a little less work and a serial number. We are happy to comply with our customer requests. The AFT Kit provides them with an easy way to build their own high-quality handgun from the ground up, which meets their requirements and still creates a tremendous sense of pride in their completed firearm. It’s one more example of our company motto, ‘Engage Your Freedom.’”


The Polymer80 AFT Home Handgun Builder Kit is available now, with MSRP starting at $425. For more info, please visit

The Polymer80 AFT Home Handgun Builder Kit.

Polymer80 AFT Home Handgun Builder Kit Features

  • Next generation ergonomics
  • High strength reinforced polymer construction
  • Picatinny accessory rail
  • Trigger guard double undercut
  • Extended beavertail
  • Right & Left thumb ledge
  • 1911 grip angle
  • PTEX texture pattern

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