The SENTRY Tactical EDC Holsters.

Things have been a little dicey in society lately. If you haven’t been carrying daily, you haven’t been paying attention. Of course, part of a good EDC loadout includes a concealed carry option that is comfortable and offers solid retention. The latest EDC holsters from SENTRY Tactical provide both, in solid options, molded to your firearm.

SENTRY Tactical EDC Holsters

The new holsters from SENTRY Tactical offer injection-molded or thermoformed options. As a result, come holsters that offer superior strength and flexibility. Likewise, the holsters provide adjustable settings, allowing users to create the perfect fit. Whether worn behind the back, appendix carry or cross draw, you can configure your holster, your way. In addition, the holsters have level 1 or 2 retention and offer minimal printing when worn under a shirt or vest.

The SENTRY Inside the Pant/Tuckable Holster

The SENTRY Inside the Pant/Tuckable Holster.

This IWB concealed carry option features thermoform construction, out of SENTRY’s proprietary polyform. Additionally, designed with Level 1 retention, the Tuckable Holster employs SENTRY’s Drop Retention Safety Device. The device is a semi-spherical protrusion that acts on the trigger guard, adjusting the weapon draw resistance.

To ensure a smooth draw, the holster also includes a pre-formed sight channel, preventing catching while drawing or reholstering. Furthermore, SENTRY’s Rubber-Tech loop on the holster side (facing the body) allows the user to customize the height and carry angle. The Inside the Pant/Tuckable Holster is available in black, for GLOCK Model 43, S&W Shield 9/40, and SIG 320.

The SENTRY Ultra Carry Inside the Pant/Tuckable Holster

The SENTRY Ultra Carry Inside the Pant/Tuckable Holster.

The Ultra Carry features an injection-molded design of a soft polymer blend. As a result, you can expect all day comfort and flexibility from the low-profile holster. Moreover, the holster features Level II retention. Like the previous model, the Ultra Carry includes SENTRY’s Drop Retention Safety Device. However, it also adds another level of retention with the STR System. The STR System is a retention screw on the weapon side for adjusting the draw.

Also, like the previous model, the Ultra Carry has SENTRY’s Rubber-Tech loop for adjusting the height and carry angle. The Ultra Carry is available in black for the GLOCK Model G43 and SIG Model 365.

The SENTRY Angle Adjustable Belt Slide Holster

The SENTRY Tactical Angle Adjustable Belt Slide is the IWB in the EDC holsters line.

Fort those that prefer outside the waistband carry, comes the Angle Adjustable Belt Slide Carry. Also injection-molded, the holster offers perfect fitment for your EDC firearm. In the same way the previous two models are adjustable for height and carry angle, so is the Belt Slide Carry. However, the Belt Slide Carry utilizes two belt loops that are each adjustable individually, for exact adjustments. The Belt Slide Carry also features user adjusted retention and is available for GLOCK Models G17, G19 and G43.

SENTRY Injection-Molded Double Mag Pouch

The SENTRY Tactical Injection-Molded Double Mag Pouch rounds out its EDC Holsters.

Rounding out the list is something you should not be without, if you carry a semi-automatic pistol—a mag pouch. The Mag Pouch is also injection molded Polyform and features spring tension to hold your magazines in place. The Mag Pouch comes with an adjustable angle belt clip and paddle for your choice of carry option. It is available for 9mm or .40cal magazines.


The Sentry Tactical EDC Holsters are available now, with an MSRP between $32.99 – $79.99, depending on model. For more info, please visit

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