XS Sights night sights for Taurus GX4.

There are two indisputable truths about night shooting. One, target acquisition is more difficult with dim sights. And two, if you are retrieving your firearm in the dark, it can be hard to see and orient. For this reason, night sights, like the XS Sights for the Taurus GX4, tackle both issues.

XS Sights Night Sights for Taurus GX4

Lately, the Taurus GX4 has seen a rise in popularity as a versatile EDC micro-compact defensive 9mm pistol. With this in mind, XS Sights has recently added the pistol to its catalog of compatibility.

Utilizing proprietary sight technology, XS Sights are visible in both light and dark conditions. As such, a tritium vial in the front sight is surrounded by XS’s photoluminescent Glow Dot. The Glow Dot illuminates before the tritium, giving shooters an early edge, as a result.

With four different options, there is a sight option for any need or budget.

The DXT2 Big Dot

The DXT2 Big Dot.

As the name indicates, the DXT2 Big Dot has a larger than standard tritium center. For this reason, the DXT2 Big Dot is a good option for those with failing or aging eyes. Also, the V-notch rear sight includes a vertical tritium stripe, creating a dot-the-“i” sight picture. This vertical stripe, coupled with the front sight, reduces the chance of confusing the front and rear sight in a high-stress situation. The DXT2 Big Dot is available in Optic Yellow or Optic Orange. Although a standard version is also available in green.


The R3D.

The R3D resembles a traditional 3-dot tritium sight configuration, with notch and post sight picture. A blacked out rear sight helps to increase the contrast between it and the front sight. Additionally, the rear sight contains two small tritium vials, while the front sight contains a larger and much brighter color. This helps to differentiate between the two sights. The R3D is available in bright orange or green.


The XS Sights Taurus GX4 Minimalist.

Intended for use with optics, the Minimalist is also a traditional notch and post configuration. However, unlike the other models, the rear sight, with anti-glare serrations, does not include any tritium. As a result, there is nothing to distract from the reticle of your red dot optic. The Minimalist is only available in orange.


The XS Sights Taurus GX4 DXW2 Big Dot.

Like the DXT2, the DXW2 is available in both a Big Dot and Standard Dot. Likewise, it is ideal for those with eye issues. Although the DXW2 has a vertical white stripe on the V-notch rear sight, it does not contain tritium. This keeps the cost of the DXW2 down, as a result. Nevertheless, the wide stripe is ideal for those with farsighted vision issues. The DXW2 Big Dot is available in orange or yellow, while the Standard Dot is available in green.


The XS Sights night sights for the Taurus GX4 are available now, with an MSRP of $109.99 – $132.00, based on model. For more info, please visit XSSights.com.

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