The Elite Crotch Pocket Holster.

I am a fan of IWB carry. When it comes to concealed carry, it doesn’t get more concealed than that. However, I have never been one for dropping my pistol into my waistband, un-holstered—especially down the front. I keep picturing Santa from A Christmas Story saying, “You’ll shoot your junk off kid.” But there are options. For example, the new Elite Survival Systems Crotch Pocket holster provides a safe alternative.

Elite Survival Systems Crotch Pocket Carry Holster

If you’re like me, you cringe when someone puts a pistol in the front of their waistband in a movie. I know it’s a movie, but bad examples make bad practices. However, the soft, breathable mesh fabric pocket shrouds the trigger for safety and holds the pistol snuggly in place. Not to mention, a water-resistant layer protects your firearm from your body’s moisture. Likewise, its synthetic materials provide durability and odor resistance.

Designed to wear when you are not wearing a belt, the holster comes in small, medium or large. The small carries most small .380 and other pocket size pistols. Likewise, the medium carries most compact and subcompact autos. Finally, the large fits most full-size autos. The soft elastic waist band with Velcro enclosure provides a one size fits most option.

Each holster also includes a magazine pouch next to the pistol pouch, providing enough ammo to get the job done. Furthermore, available in either right- or left-hand, the holster rides below the belt for complete and comfortable concealment.


The Elite Survival Systems Guardian Crotch Pocket Holster is available now, with an MSRP of $24.94. For more info, please visit

Elite Survival Systems Crotch Pocket Holster Features

  • Versatile, all-in-one concealed carry crotch holster ideally suited to crotch carry or IWB carry when dressing without a belt
  • Constructed of soft, breathable mesh fabric
  • Water resistant layer of this crotch gun holster protects firearm from body moisture
  • Constructed of synthetic materials for durability and odor resistance
  • Soft elastic waist band with velcro closure, one size fits most
  • Available in three sizes (firearm size) to fit most pistols
  • Specify right or left hand
  • Below the waistband holster proudly made in the USA
  • MSRP – $24.94

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