Primary Arms Build Your Own Upper Program.

If there is one thing that can be said about gun enthusiasts, its that we can be picky. For that reason, that is one of the things that makes the AR platform so popular. Its modular capabilities allow for any number of personal configurations. Similarly, the Build Your Own Upper program from Primary Arms lets you take that to a whole new level.

The Primary Arms Build Your Own Upper Program

Building an upper can be costly and stressful for newer gun owners, even for some experienced owners. Although building a custom AR-15 can be fun and rewarding, not all custom parts fit perfectly together. For this reason, you may end up needing to replace parts. Not to mention, you will probably need to illicit the help of a gunsmith. So, having your upper custom built the way you want is ideal.

To begin the process, you add one of several specially marked barreled uppers. Although I am not aware of future plans for expansion, as of the time of this writing there are three to choose from. Specifically, you can choose from Upper Kit V1 with Diamondback Firearms 5.56 Mid-Length barrel, Upper Kit V2 with Ballistic Advantage 5.56 Mid-Length barrel or Upper Kit V3 with FN America 5.56 Mid-Length barrel. Similarly, all barrels are 16 inches. Additionally, during this process you can also select a discounted bolt carrier group and charging handle.

Once you complete your barreled upper selection, you move to the handguard selection. With seventeen pages to choose from you are provided a truly robust list of options. As a result, you can build your upper on the cheap or put together a high-end option. Likewise, you can keep it simple or go with a robust option with plenty of room for optics and accessories.

Finally, you move on to the muzzle device selection. Much like the handguard selection process, there are six pages of muzzle devices to choose from. Also, like the handguard selection you can build your upper on the cheap or select a muzzle device that will take your AR to the next level.

Your AR Your Way

Once you check out, your selections go to the expert team of builders at Primary Arms. They then assemble the upper and test-fire it. Once the upper passes the test-fire they guarantee its quality, and send it straight to your door. Once it shows up, add the lower of your choice, maybe even something like the “Let’s Go Brandon” lower from Palmetto State Armory.

“Many custom AR-15 services are too cost-prohibitive, and without building experience, many gun-owners are left purchasing items only to immediately replace parts,” says Matt Okun, Primary Arms Senior Merchandising Manager. “Our Build Your Own Upper program helps these customers get their ideal upper without spending their budget on unwanted parts or costly gunsmithing. It’s the perfect option for anyone who doesn’t have the tooling or experience to assemble their own AR-15.”


The Primary Arms Build Your Own Upper program is available now, final MSRP will depend on selected options. For more info, please visit

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