5 Battle Belt Items for the Ideal Combat or Range Rig.

Before heading to the range—or especially combat—it is important to have your gear in order. Proper gear setup not only ensures that you know where everything is but also that things are oriented properly. With this in mind, we recently discussed how to properly set up your battle belt for productive range time. And now that you know how to set your battle belt up, let’s take a look at 5 must-have items to include.

5 Battle Belt Items for the Ideal Combat or Range Rig

Everyone is different and has different needs, so your battle belt will be personal to you. Because of this, you will likely have other items you like to include on your battle belt. However, it’s always good to have a starting point and there are certain items that belong on every battle belt. These 5 items are based on the items on Grant’s battle belt in the video in our previous story.

Blue Alpha Molle 1.75-inch Double Belt Rig

You can't have 5 items without the battle belt itself.

A double belt rig is the ideal starting point, due to its sturdiness and ability to comfortably carry multiple items. The Blue Alpha Molle 1.75-inch Double Belt Rig features a hook and loop attachment for a secure hold. Specifically, the inner belt features a 1.5-inch loop Velcro outer lining while the outer belt has a 1.5-inch hook Velcro inner lining. Additionally, the outer belt includes MOLLE webbing around its extremities for MOLLE compatible gear.

Outer Belt

  • 1.75″ double layer nylon webbing
  • MOLLE loops on exterior to mount compatible MOLLE gear
  • 1.75″ COBRA® Buckle with optional D-Ring COBRA® Buckle
  • 1.5″ hook velcro inner lining
  • Adjustment end secured by elastic
  • Standard Overlap

Inner Belt

  • 1.5″ single layer nylon webbing
  • 1.5″ loop velcro outer lining
  • Simple buckle-free design
  • Color Matching to Outer Belt

MSRP: $134.97 – $159.97

For more information, please visit BlueAlphaBelts.com.

G-Code RTI Hanger System

The G-Code RTI Hanger System allows you to make your favorite holster easily removable from your battle belt.

Holsters are very subjective and specific to each firearm and personal preference. Because of this I am not going to discuss holsters and will point you to the G-Code RTI Hanger System instead. Although G-Code offers many varying RTI platforms, the RTI Optimal Drop Pistol platform puts your firearm comfortably at hand. The inner hook lining coupled with the loop lining of your battle belt provides a solid, non-shifting mount. Additionally, it fits belts up to 2 inches.

The RTI Hanger System allows for quick, easy detachment of your holster for use on other platforms. In addition, the design provides for cant adjustment, giving you control over the ideal positioning of your pistol.

Holster sold separately.

MSRP: $35.50

For more information, please visit TacticalHolsters.com.

Ronin Tactics Universal Pistol Mag Pouch

Since pistol magazines are low capacity, two magazine pouches would be ideal.

Designed by retired Green Beret, Tu Lam, the Ronin Tactics Universal Pistol Mag Pouch is built to withstand hard use. Fully MOLLE compatible, the mag pouch is constructed of next-generation laser-cut thermoplastic, which is highly flexible and high strength. As a result, the mag pouch will not become brittle, break or crack in tropical or cold weather environments.

MSRP: $40.00

For more information, please visit RoninTactics.com.

Ronin Tactics Universal Rifle Mag Pouch

Whether you place 1 or 2, a rifle magazine pouch belong in the 5 items on your battle belt.

Like the pistol mag pouch, the rifle mag pouch is also fully MOLLE compatible. Likewise, constructed of the same material as the pistol mag pouch, the rifle mag pouch withstands hard use in hard environments. Additionally, an integrated elastic design and removable bungee offer two levels of retention. Designed to be the thinnest pouch on the market, more gear can be placed on the gun beltline. Both the pistol and rifle mag pouches feature a shape that allows for quick employment and one-hand reinsertion of magazines.

MSRP: $50.00

For more information, please visit RoninTactics.com.

Dark Angel Medical S.P.E.A.R. Trauma Kit

No battle belt would be complete without a medical kit as one of its 5 items.

Life comes at you fast and so does injury. With this in mind, whether on the range or in a combat situation a medical kit is an absolute must. Constructed by FirstSpear, the pouch features its Squadron Laminate Material, intended to withstand hard use. Featuring Fastex buckles ensures maximum retention and rapid deployment from either side. Likewise, simply pulling the center tab opens the whole kit to display the full trauma kit. Additionally, the kit is fully MOLLE compatible and also has a belt channel for belts up to 2 inches.

The kit comes standard with:

  • 12′ roll of hemostatic gauze (QuikClot Bleeding Control Dressing or ChitoGauze XR Pro)
  • Pair Chest Seals (1)
  • Compression Bandage (1)
  • 12′ roll of standard compressed gauze (1)
  • Pair Nitrile Gloves (1)
  • Mylar Blanket (1)
  • CAT Gen 7 tourniquet (SOF-T Gen 5 can be substituted)
  • Malice clips

MSRP: $199.99

For more information, please visit DarkAngelMedical.com.

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