The Benjamin Gunnar PCP Air Rifle.

With concerns of over-penetration, many look for alternative home defense options that are safer for families and neighbors. because of this, pre-charged pneumatic rifles have been making a name for themselves as a viable solution for home defense. With that said, the high capacity of the Benjamin Gunnar PCP air rifle offers an ideal choice for self-defense.

The Benjamin Gunnar PCP Air Rifle

The all-metal construction of the Gunnar features a familiar AR-style platform, thus, making it an easy transition. In addition, an AR-compatible synthetic buttstock and AR-compatible pistol grip make up the interface. For this reason, the buttstock and grip allow for aftermarket personalization. Likewise, the buttstock includes a 4-way adjustable cheek piece for maximum comfort and precise fit.

Available in either .22 or .25 caliber, the side lever Gunnar has velocities of 1,000 FPS (.22) and 900 FPS (.25). Additionally, an external power adjuster and internal adjustable regulator allow users to dial in their personal preferences. Similarly, an adjustable trigger shoe provides for further personalization. Moreover, utilizing a clip rotary magazine, the Gunnar has a 75-pellet maximum fill.

The Gunnar comes complete with a large 500cc bottle for an extended shooting experience. Although it does not come with mounted sights, the Gunnar includes a long top Picatinny rail, for optics and accessories. Likewise, a lower Picatinny rail accepts monopods, bipods, and other accessories.

“We are very excited to get this air rifle out to hunters and shooters. The Gunnar, which means warrior in Old Norse, is packed with the ambitious performance expectations Benjamin loyalist’s trust. You can adjust the Gunnar to suit your shooting style and really make it yours,” says Senior Product Manager, Phillip Guadalupe.


The Benjamin Gunnar PCP Air Rifle is available now, with a retail price of $999.00.

The Benjamin Gunnar PCP Air Rifle.

Benjamin Gunnar PCP Air Rifle Specs

Action: Bolt Action
Barrel Material: Steel
Barrel Type: Rifled
Front Sight: None
Lead Pellet Velocity: Up to 1000 fps with .22, 900 fps with .25
Material: Metal
Mounting Rail: Picatinny
Powerplant: PCP
Product Weight: 9.813 lbs
Rear Sight: N/A
Safety: Lever
Stock Material: Synthetic
MSRP: $999.00

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