Bond Arms issues Roughneck recall notice.

Texas firearm company Bond Arms is known for high-quality derringer-style pocket pistols. The fit and finish are typically on point and something the company takes very seriously. However, life happens and its budget model the Roughneck has a barrel marking issue, causing Bond Arms to issue a recall.

Bond Arms Issues Roughneck Marking Compliance Recall

Although it does not appear to be a safety issue, and only one of proper marking, the request is sincere. At issue is a batch of Roughneck 38/357 pistols that made it into consumers’ hands without mandatory barrel ID markings. Although the barrel on your Roughneck may look correct, the barrels in question do not have the full ID markings.

To remain within compliance, firearms must contain mandatory ID markings. With this in mind, Bond Arms wants to ensure that they are in full compliance with the production process. For this reason, the company asks that you compare your Roughneck barrel with the images on this page. If your barrel matches the barrels on this page, they ask that you take the next steps to return it.

To return the barrel for the compliant version, please contact them directly at (817) 573-4445. You can also email them at to arrange for the return of the non-compliant barrel.

To thank you for your help in this matter, Bond Arms will ship you a wrench to remove the barrel. Additionally, the company will cover all postage costs. As a special thank you the company will also laser-etch the Bond Arms logo on the barrel and give it a light touch-up before sending it back.

To be clear, this recall only affects the Roughneck 38/357 pistol. To our knowledge, no other Bond Arms pistols are impacted by the recall. Although it is an inconvenience, Bond Arms appreciates your help in this matter. Plus, you get your barrel touched up and extra laser-etching out of the deal.

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Bond Arms issues Roughneck recall notice.

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