CrossBreed offers holsters for the Smith & Wesson CSX.

CrossBreed Holsters has a reputation for quality and comfortable concealed carry for many of the top pistols on the market. For that reason, Smith & Wesson approached CrossBreed to request a line of holsters for its new CSX 9mm. As a result, comes a robust line of options from the maker for the defensive carry pistol.

CrossBreed Holsters for the Smith & Wesson CSX

Filling the IWB category are the company’s popular carry options, the SuperTuck, MiniTuck, Freedom Carry, Appendix Carry AIWB, and Mini Appendix Carry AIWB.

Featuring leather backing with high back, the IWB line of holsters protects the firearm from contact with the skin. Thus, keeping your EDC comfortable while protecting your pistol from sweat. In addition, a custom-molded Kydex front pistol pocket provides an exact fit for the Smith & Wesson CSX. The molded Kydex coupled with inside the waistband carry ensures no rattle and enhanced retention.

For those that prefer OWB carry are CrossBreed’s popular SnapSlide, DropSlide, and SuperSlide models. Like the IWB models, the OWB options also feature high back leather backing and custom molded Kydex pistol pocket. While the SnapSlide and CropSlide come with a slight forward cant, the SuperSlide includes an extra belt look for a cross draw cant.

If you are looking for something a little different for alternative carry methods, CrossBreed offers the modular Belly Band, Purse Defender, and Pac Mat. As a result, you can carry your Smith & Wesson CSX in whatever configuration works best for you. Additional models, like the modular Reckoning and Rogue holster system, will also be available for the CSX soon.

“We were quite humbled to be approached for early development of holsters for the incredible new S&W CSX pistol,” said Nathan Engleking, Executive Vice President – Marketing for Crossbreed Holsters. “The CSX represents a great combination of features paired with Smith and Wesson’s attention to quality. Everyone here was really impressed with this 9mm, and we think it is going to be a big hit with Smith and Wesson fans and with micro-compact fans in general.”


CrossBreed holsters for the Smith & Wesson CSX are available now, with an MSRP starting at $39.95, depending on model. For more info, please visit

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