Trusted by NATO for more than 80 years, the High Power is reimagined from John Browning’s final design. Although not the first clone of this iconic model, FN brings the High Power to the modern forefront. As a result, is a pistol that carries forward the features you love in the original, with the functionality today’s shooter demands.

The FN High Power

Although the High Power is inspired by the original in overall aesthetics, there are dramatic improvements to many areas. Chambered in 9mm, it features improved internals and a modern barrel lockup, capable of cycling most 9mm loads.

With the demand for higher capacity from today’s shooters, FN bumped the High Power up to 17+1-rounds. The rounds are sent downrange through the signature keyhole muzzle via the single-action trigger. Correspondingly, the trigger breaks crisply and cleanly thanks to the elimination of the magazine disconnect.

FN also improved the overall ergonomics and new grip and frame texturing for additional control during fire. Likewise, the extended beavertail addresses the “High Power hammer and slide bite,” found with the original. Also familiar to fans of the original design is the long arm slide release. However, the slide release and other controls on the new High Power are now ambidextrous, for right- and left-handed shooters.

To make cleaning easier, FN did away with the complex takedown of the original and added a more modern approach. Disassembling the new High Power requires simply rotating the takedown lever and instantly field stripping the pistol.

Available in three different frame colors, customizing your High Power has never been easier. Each pistol ships with two pairs of polymer grips, with seven grips available. Additionally, driftable steel sights ensure a natural point of aim for each shooter.


“FN conducted a thorough historical design study into the classic High Power design to identify what truly makes High Power what it is,” said John Ryan, Director of Product Management for FN America, LLC. “These features set the design apart from other metal pistols in the market and were extremely important for us to include in the modern evolution of the new FN High Power so as to pay respect to the significance of Browning’s original design.”

The FN High Power is available now with an MSRP of $1,269.00 (black and FDE) and $1,369.00 (stainless steel). For more info, please visit

The FN High Power.

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