The Nightstick Shotgun Forend Light.

Although it is hard to miss with a shotgun, shedding some light on the subject only helps increase the odds. But then, add some laser precision aiming and your home intruder stands little to no chance. With that said, the Nightstick shotgun forend light does exactly that, fortifying your home protection operation.

The Nightstick Shotgun Forend Light

Rated at 1200 lumens, the Nightstick fits both Remington 870/TAC-14 and Mossberg 500/590/590A1/Shockwave models. Correspondingly, the weapon light forend is a complete replacement of the standard pump handle. An included SFL action tube nut wrench helps in the removal of factory-installed castle nut and pump handle forend.

The Nightstick is built from a one-piece body of heavy-duty glass-filled nylon, with an over-molded rubber grip area. Additionally, it ships with an optional hand stop/safety strap. The ergonomic palm swell design improves grip during light activation and weapon manipulation under duress. Likewise, the forend features ambidextrous switches positioned towards the front for intuitive activation. Similarly, small, raised bump guards surround the buttons to prevent accidental activation.

Available with or without daylight-visible green laser, the Nightstick features an hour and a half runtime. Two CR123 batteries power the Nightstick but you can upgrade it to li-ion rechargeable batteries with an optional kit. A user-programmable ‘safe mode’ battery lockout also helps prevent battery drain from unintended activation during transport.

“After analyzing yearly sales and popularity of several new short length pump-action shotguns, as well as models already in the market, we saw an opportunity to bring both a weapon light and laser aiming aid to these owners. TAC-14 and Shockwave owners in particular lack a traditional stock to shoulder the shotgun. The green laser provides confirmation of aim and peace of mind.” says Brian Whalen, Marketing Manager for Nightstick Public Safety Division.

He continued, “We know shotguns are owned and relied on by both home defense and law enforcement audiences, and we felt both groups would benefit from a powerful and intuitive forend weapon light solution for target and background identification when life depends on light™.”


The Nightstick shotgun forend light will be available in Q2 or early summer with an MSRP of $199.00 with laser and $149.00 without laser. For more info, please visit

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