Uberti USA offers 9mm Revolvers.

Ok, I’ll admit it. Sure, I wanted to be a cowboy when I was a kid.  Truth be told, I still watch all the old episodes of Gunsmoke, Rawhide, Wagon Train, etc. every night. Of course, I don’t dress up like a cowboy and shoot my cap gun at the t.v. anymore. Not that I would tell you, anyway. Although those days are long over, we can still enjoy shooting like a cowboy, thanks to pistols like the Uberti USA 9mm revolvers.

Uberti USA 9mm Revolvers

Adding to their 1873 El Patrón and Cattleman Brass single-action revolvers, Uberti now offers three models in 9mm Luger. Available in the upgraded chambering are the 1873 El Patrón, 1873 Cattleman Brass, and 1873 Cattleman Brass Dual Cylinder. As a result, you can get more range time for your buck, with the less expensive round.

The headspace at the cartridge mouth of the three models does not need moon clips. As a result, the cartridges can be loaded individually into the cylinder and can be ejected normally. Each revolver is additionally hand-fitted and adjusted at the factory for precision performance.

The El Patrón features checkered walnut grips for an authentic look and positive purchase during fire. A case-hardened frame has the classic profile of the old west-style revolver. For serious competitors, the El Patrón comes with a numbered cylinder and a 5.5-inch blued barrel. Likewise, EasyView sights help with positive target acquisition.

The Cattleman Brass has a sleek walnut grip and antiqued frame finish for old west aesthetics. Both the case-hardened frame and cylinder are blued for a clean look and performance. Adding to the overall look of the Cattleman Brass are the brass backstrap and trigger guard.

The Cattleman Brass Dual Cylinder offers the same great aesthetics and features as the Cattleman Brass, in two chamberings. Shipping with two cylinders the Cattleman Brass Dual Cylinder lets you easily switch between 9mm Luger and .357 Magnum.


The Uberti USA 9mm Revolvers will be available in March of 2022, with an MSRP of $599.00 to $749.00, depending on the model. For more info, please visit Uberti-USA.com.

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