The Viridian Laser Sight for the Savage Stance.

With an ever-growing line of laser sight technology, Viridian continues to work hard at increasing your self-defense options. With this in mind, its E Series line continues to add support for popular concealed carry models. For example, Viridian recently introduced its latest E Series laser sight for the popular Savage Arms Stance 9mm.

Viridian Laser Sight for the Savage Arms Stance

Like the other models in the E Series line, the Stance model is also constructed of High Strength Thermo Molded Polymer. Likewise, it is molded specifically for the Savage Arms Stance 9mm. Although, unlike the other models, the Stance model is only available in black. Easily mounted to the front of the trigger guard, the laser features an ambidextrous design with easy access on/off button.

Adjustable for windage and elevation, the unit utilizes a red laser. As a result, it is visible at 25 yards in daylight and 1 mile at night. In addition, the laser operates on a single 1/3n battery, which provides 6+ hours of continuous run time. However, don’t worry if you forget to turn it off, because there is a 5-minute auto-shutoff feature.

“The new Savage Stance is a perfect 9mm for everyday carry,” said Viridian President and CEO Brian Hedeen. “Viridian is proud to have worked with Savage to [fine-tune] this E Series laser specifically for the Stance. Our red laser aiming devices make target acquisition faster. An E Series laser is the perfect addition to a gun that is purpose-built for the needs of concealed carry.”


The Viridian Laser Sight for the Savage Arms Stance is available now with an MSRP of $132.00. For more info, please visit

The Viridian Laser Sight for the Savage Stance.

Viridian Laser Sight for the Savage Arms Stance Specs

LED Light Color: Red
Weapon Brand: Savage Arms
Activation: On/Off Only
Adjustable: Windage/Elevation
Batt. Life (constant): 6 Hours
Color: Black
Holster Included: No
Material: High Strength Thermo Molded Polymer
Laser Color: Red
Mounting: Trigger Guard
Overall Range: Up to 25 yards daylight / 1 mile night
Strobing Effect: No
Warranty Length: 7 years
MSRP: $132.00

Viridian Laser Sight Details

  • Easy installation onto the trigger guard of your pistol
  • Ambidextrous on/off button with 5 min auto shut off
  • 25-yard range in daylight and 1 mile at night
  • Constant laser with 6 + hours battery life
  • Easy windage and elevation adjustment

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