ATF Valentine’s Day Revenge.
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Have a bad breakup? Looking to have a bad breakup? Well, look no further, the ATF has offered the Valentine’s Day Revenge package that is sure to please. And it only costs a phone call and any semblance of dignity and character you may have had. I sure am glad I am happily married. Things have changed a lot since I was dating when breakups were a little less risky.

ATF Valentine’s Day Revenge

Thanks to a Valentine’s Day tweet from the ATF, you can put away the revenge porn and turn them in instead. The surprising tweet came earlier today. In it were details about how to turn in your ex (or soon to be ex) partner for selling guns.

However, you will probably notice that the post is completely devoid of what constitutes illegal buying or selling. I think for most it is probably obvious. But is it obvious to everyone? Consider the staggering number of people who believe in the “gun show loophole” or that AR stands for “assault rifle” and think they are military weapons that should be illegal for civilians. Now exacerbate the issue with a jilted lover bent on revenge. This is a recipe for disaster.

I think the most concerning part is that either the ATF isn’t aware of the “Swatting” phenomenon, or they are. Do they believe that no one will abuse this to “swat” their ex? Or could this be intentional to begin a gun registry of some kind? What better way to initiate interactions with law-abiding gun owners with whom you previously had no reason to interact with?

Of course, they could try to argue that an ex reporting you is a sign of questionable character and stability. But let’s be honest, I once had a girlfriend break up with me for ruining her life by not lying to her parents for her. This was when I learned how unstable she was, and she was not too happy with me. I guarantee she would most definitely take advantage of this today. Looking back, I am glad I dodged that bullet.

Happy Valentine’s Day sucker!!! Your surprise will be showing up at your door in 3…2… KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK!!!

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