Chicago Alderman Brings Back the Decades Old WhistleStop Program
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I’ll be honest, I am at a loss for how to write this article without sounding like a parody. Maybe I should start by saying that this is an article about the worst idea for stopping a robbery yet. The WhistleStop Program suggested by a Chicago alderman should be chalked up to what not to do when you see a robbery. In no case should her advice ever be taken seriously.

Chicago Alderman Brings Back the Decades Old WhistleStop Program

As violent crime rises across Democrat states, Chicago remains a beacon of failed crime prevention policies. According to an NBC News Chicago report, Chicago ended 2021 with more homicides than any other city in the United States. The city reported 797 homicides, which was the most since 1996, a quarter of a century ago. Not to mention the 3,561 shooting incidents, which is a dramatic increase over previous years.

So, it would make sense that Chicago lawmakers would take a serious look into how to decrease these numbers. With calls from Democrats to defund police, it seems that more police would be counter-message. During 2020 Democrats hinted at civilian services as an alternative over the police. An idea that they are trying to forget, due to very bad polling. However, one Chicago alderman still sees merit.

According to a Breitbart news report, Chicago Alderman Michele Smith (D-Ward 43) sent out an email stating, “The WhistleStop program follows these rules…If you find yourself in a suspicious situation or witness a crime, blow your whistle. If you hear a whistle, call the police, then move toward the source while blowing your own whistle.”

The WhistleStop Program

The WhistleStop Program is a throwback program from the 1970s, before cell phones. According to Smith, “It allows people to come to the victim’s aid, forces the offender to flee, and helps the police pinpoint the location of the crime.”

A whistle may have “forced [an] offender to flee” in the 70s but not today when criminals are emboldened. If anything, it is more likely to make you a target as well. We are not living in a time where criminals are going to have the desired reaction to a bunch of SJWs running around blowing whistles.

However, at least Smith added a safety advisory, “Of course, use common sense. Do not blow your whistle if you think to do so would put yourself in danger, particularly from an armed criminal.”

But the reality is that engaging any violent criminal event should be viewed as putting yourself in danger. Untrained civilians are not equipped to determine what constitutes a dangerous situation. Even trained law enforcement often find themselves in unexpected danger. And even with training, a staggering number of officers are not making it out of those scenarios. What makes the alderman think a whistle-blowing SJW stands a better chance?

According to a story from CWBChicago, “But nearly all of the robberies reported in the North Side hold-up surge involved armed men who repeatedly showed a willingness to be violent for no reason. So, again, it’s not clear why Smith would recommend that anyone go running toward a robbery in the current environment.”

False Claims?

According to CWBChicago Smith claimed that CPD added 51 officers, although they were unable to confirm the claim.

According to the website, “A source with direct knowledge of the situation told CWBChicago that CPD had no idea what she was talking about when she repeatedly threw that number around.”

So, it would appear that Smith is banking on the WhistleStop Program to clean up the city. At least her Ward.

I really can’t believe I have to say this but don’t run at violent criminals blowing a whistle. Don’t do it. Never in my life would I have believed that I would be saying this, with sincerity, but here we are.

This is the technological age. Take your phone out of your pocket and call 911. If you can safely film the event from a distance then go ahead. But I repeat. Do not run at violent criminals blowing a whistle.

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