The Mossberg MC2sc is ideal for home and personal defense.

I just attended Athlon Outdoors’ fifth Rendezvous event. While there I had the good fortune of meeting up with Linda Powell and her crew from Mossberg. Mossberg makes all kinds of hunting guns, but those don’t hold my attention. I’ve been a cop, a firearms instructor, and a tactical instructor for decades and I want to see the tactical guns. Linda was happy to oblige with Mossberg models perfect for home defense.

The Mossberg Home and Personal Defense MC2sc

The company has been around since 1919 and is still based out of Connecticut where nearly every major firearms manufacturer used to call home. Mossberg jumped back into the handgun market in 2019 with a polymer-framed, striker-fired 9mm named the MC1.

On October 25th they released their third pistol: the MC2sc. It is basically the same length and height as the MC1. However, they have gone from a polymer single stack magazine to a steel double stack. Capacity just jumped from 6 or 7 +1 to 11 or 14 +1. There is no substitute for ammo in a gunfight.

The Mossberg MC2sc is ideal for home and personal defense.

And yes, the MC2sc comes optics ready. It is available in five models: standard, with a cross-bolt safety, standard with night sights, one that has a 10-round magazine, and finally one that is Massachusetts compliant. MSRP runs from $556 to $662. I got to shoot it with Crimson Trace’s CT-1550 sight, and it performed flawlessly. Unfortunately, another lucky writer gets to do the full test on this model.

MMR Carbine

Next on the list is Mossberg’s MMR Carbine. It is an AR15 platform with 6 position collapsible stock, M-LOK compatible free-float, octagonal forend with full-length Picatinny rail on top, removable iron sights, and Magpul MOE grip and trigger guard.

It is a base model that is ready to be upgraded with your choice of optic, light, and sling. The MMR has what you need, and nothing you don’t. MSRP is $997.

940 Pro Tactical Shotgun

Finally, we get to shotguns, my preferred weapon system for home defense. The Mossberg 940 has become their flagship shotgun with several models to choose from. But now they are releasing the 940 Pro Tactical.

Yes, it has the great features of the other 940s: nickel boron coating and gas system that let it go 1,500 rounds without cleaning, beveled loading port, and shims for adjustable LOP. But the 940 Pro Tactical comes with a plate for red dot optics compatibility, oversize controls, and M-LOK mounting points on both sides of the magazine tube clamp for mounting a light and attaching a sling. MSRP is to be announced.

I picked up a model with a Sig Romeo Zero 3 MOA sight and went to busting clays. However, I only missed once when I was too busy jaw-jacking and not paying attention to the bird. I have been shooting versions of Mossberg’s autoloading shotguns for years and I’m always amazed how well they point, shoot, and run while costing half as much as the competition.

Mossberg has long been known as a firearms manufacturer for hunters. But it has quietly built up a full line of guns that are ideal for home and personal defense. Unlike a lot of boutique home defense guns, these come with over 100 years of hard use experience and real-world trials to back up their dependability. Best of all, they are available without breaking the bank.

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The author test fires the MC2sc.

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