Sarsilmaz has been producing firearms since 1880 and it shows. I can attest to their quality as one who owns several of their models. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to match the factory’s 150,000 round torture test but can say from personal experience that they’re built to last. At the 2021 Athlon Rendezvous, we had the chance to try one of the models I don’t already own. The SAR9 Compact, that classic Goldilocks striker-fired, 4” barreled, 15+1 capacity pistol category that America loves.

The SAR9 Compact Pistol

Even with an MSRP of just $452 I wasn’t surprised to find the pistol includes some features not found on higher-priced competing options. Such as a target crown and interchangeable backstraps and side panels.

This size is popular because it can serve dual purposes. It is small enough for concealed carry, but large enough to be comfortable on the range. During our Athlon Rendezvous preview, I wrapped my large hands around the compact frame and found it very comfortable to shoot.

The generous undercut of the trigger guard leaves plenty of real estate on the grip and makes for a high hold. Without any warmup, I began knocking away dueling tree targets with ease. The trigger has a nice firm wall that breaks predictably, making timed shots easy. The grip’s contours fit nicely in all the right spots.

Recoil impulse felt so natural I didn’t even notice we were using SAR USA’s NATO-spec 124gr until after we were done shooting. This is a pistol that provides comfortable range use all day.

The brief interaction with the SAR9 Compact left me wanting more and fortunately, we’ll have more. Look for a more complete review of the SAR USA SAR9 Compact in an upcoming issue of Ballistic Magazine.

We’ll include more detailed coverage of the pistol in that coverage, including compatibility with American-spec ammunition of various loads, accuracy, and in-depth range experience. A pistol that shoots this nicely at this price is not one you’ll want to miss.

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The SAR9 Compact Pistol.

SAR9 Compact Pistol Specs

Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 15+1
Barrel: 4-inch cold hammer-forged, recessed target crown
Action: Striker-fired
Overall Length: 7.2 inches
Width: 1.4 inches
Weight: 26.8 ounces
MSRP: $452

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