The SCCY Red Dot Ready DVG1.

The original DVG1 from SCCY Firearms is a compact concealed carry option with a 10+1 capacity in 9mm. However, the rise in popularity of optic-ready pistols led the company to upgrade the pistol. Now, the SCCY Red Dot Ready striker-fired DVG1 is ready to accept the optic of your choice or go without altogether.

The SCCY Firearms Red Dot Ready DVG1

Although the compact DVG1 previously had a red dot option, the optic was installed at the factory. As a result, end-users were left with one red dot choice and no rear sight. For this reason, SCCY releases the updated DVG1 with an optic cut on the slide, so you can pick your own optic. Likewise, the company moved the optic cut forward, keeping the rear sight in place with a red dot installed.

In addition, the polymer frame of the DVG1 is available in the ten colors known on SCCY pistols. Customers can choose from pink, purple, SCCY blue, lime green, orange, crimson, white, flat dark earth, sniper gray, and black. However, regardless of color selection, all SCCY pistols come with either Black Nitride or stainless-steel slide.

SCCY Marketing’s Chris Cerino said “We’ve moved the red dot cut forward, allowing us to maintain the rear iron sight on the slide. This allows time for the end-user to take time in choosing a preferred optic. Continuing with footprints of the past, the red-dot-ready DVG1 uses the Shield cut.” A polymer plate and screws fill the void for aesthetics until an optic is mounted.


The SCCY Red Dot Ready DVG1 is available now with an MSRP of $399.99. For more info, please visit

SCCY Firearms DVG1 RDR

Length: 6.01 inches
Caliber: 9mm
Width: 1.10 inches
Action: Striker-Fired
Height: 5.06 inches
Trigger Pull: 5.5 pounds
Weight: 15.5 ounces
Barrel Length: 3.10 inches
Capacity: 10+1
Slide: Stainless Steel
Frame: Polymer
MSRP: $399.99

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