The SnapSafe GlideVault.

The middle of the night, during a break-in, isn’t the time to be fumbling around trying to get your firearm. However, some people also don’t want an ugly, block of steel-looking safe messing with their Feng Shui. For this reason, SnapSafe releases the GlideVault, with pleasing aesthetics and quick, easy access, in an emergency.

The SnapSafe GlideVault

Constructed of 16-gauge steel, the GlideVault also features a pry-resistant door and two internal hardened locking lugs. For this reason, the GlideVault prevents any unauthorized access.

Furthermore, the programmable touchpad allows the user to create a four to six-digit entry code for quick, authorized access. A spring-assisted slide-out drawer provides instant access to its contents after entering the correct code. The drawer can comfortably fit two to three pistols (depending on size) and ammunition. In addition, the silent mode allows you to access the safe without alerting intruders.

The GlideVault is powered by four AAA batteries. However, a barrel key and micro-USB port provide backup access, in the event of low battery power. The light-grey powder coat and black tempered glass door provide modern aesthetics while pre-drilled holes allow the safe to be permanently installed anywhere. Likewise, a five-foot cable allows it to be anchored to any stationary object if you prefer not to mount it permanently.


The SnapSafe GlideVault is available now with an MSRP of $291.99. For more info, please visit

The SnapSafe GlideVault.

SnapSafe GlideVault Features: 

  • Tempered glass touchpad (programmable 4-6 digit access code) with silent mode 
  • Spring-assisted slide-out drawer for handguns, jewelry and other valuables
  • Pry-resistant door keeps children and unauthorized users from gaining access
  • Exterior housing constructed of 16-gauge steel 
  • Vault door features two internal hardened locking lugs
  • Anchor to stationery objects with an included 5-foot cable
  • Permanently install using the pre-drilled holes
  • Battery-powered for mounting anywhere
  • Barrel key or micro-USB port backup access
  • Padded drawer liner protects valuables

SnapSafe GlideVault Specifications:

  • Lock Opening: Digital Touchpad, Barrel Key or Micro-USB port
  • Exterior housing: 16-gauge steel 
  • Dimensions: 15.9” Wide x 12.2” Deep x 4.4” Height  
  • Overall Weight: 26lbs
  • Includes: 5-foot security cable
  • MSRP: $291.99

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