The Boker Plus Zenshin Folder.

Following on the heels of the popular Tenshi folder, Boker Plus again draws from classic Japanese styling with the Zenshin. Drawing its design cues from the Higonokami folder, the famous design dates back to 1896, from the town of Miki. And now Boker Plus brings the design to the US market, at an affordable price.

The Boker Plus Tenshi Folder

Featuring a reverse-tanto tip, with swedge, the 2.95-inch blade has a two-tone finish, adding to its classic styling. Constructed of 440C stainless steel, the edge retention and performance are geared more for lighter use. However, the use of 440C helps to keep the cost down to an affordable price point. In addition, the .09-inch-thick stock ensures a very keen edge, perfect for slicing fruit and other small daily tasks.

Available in two different models—a slipjoint and frame lock—the Zenshin opens to a 6.69-inch overall length. The biggest visible distinction between the two is the handle scale material. Where the frame lock version features stainless steel handle scales, the slipjoint features brass. In addition, the slipjoint is a two-handed opener and has no locking mechanism. Conversely, as implicated in the title, the other features a frame lock lockup and is opened via an extended tang.

Whether in keeping with tradition or protecting the sleek look, neither Zenshin model features a pocket clip. As a result, it is a true pocketknife that provides classic appeal. Likewise, at only 2.12 ounces, the Zenshin will disappear in your pocket, until needed. The light weight and traditional Japanese styling make it perfect for dress slacks, easily finding its place in the boardroom.


The Boker Plus Zenshin folder is available now, with an MSRP of $54.95. For more info, please visit

The Boker Plus Zenshin Folder.

Boker Plus Zenshin Folder Specs

Blade Material: 440C
Blade Length: 2.95 inches
Overall: 6.69 inches
Thick: .09 inch
Handle: Stainless Steel or Brass
Weight: 2.12 ounces
MSRP: $54.95

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