The Cimarron 1911 One Ranger.

I don’t think I have to tell you, but the Texas Rangers are some bad hombres. I mean, hell, when even Chuck Norris wants to play a Texas Ranger, that says something. So, of course, it would make perfect sense for a company like Cimarron to pay homage to them with the 1911 One Ranger.

The Cimarron Firearms 1911 One Ranger

The 1911 One Ranger keeps things simple and is based on the original design by John M. Browning. As a result, it features the same innovative design that made the 1911 a classic for over one hundred years.

The steel frame features beautifully checkered walnut grips, set against the classic black matte finish. A grip safety sits just below the extended and highly protective beavertail. Just above the grip is a slide lock that flows nicely with the lines of the beavertail and grips. Within the trigger guard is a skeletonized trigger, highlighting the skeletonized hammer.

Riding atop the frame is the steel slide with a matching matte black finish. The rear slide serrations keep with tradition and aid in slide manipulation in adverse conditions. In addition, the front dot sight is accompanied by an adjustable rear sight. Engraved just forward of the ejection port are the words, “One Riot One Ranger,” additionally highlighting the theme.

Chambered in .45 ACP, rounds are sent downrange from the semi-automatic single-action pistol through a 4.25-inch barrel.

From Cimarron, “Additionally, Cimarron Firearms will donate a percentage of every sale of the Cimarron 1911 One Ranger pistol to the Former Texas Rangers Foundation to help build the Texas Rangers Heritage Center, located in Fredericksburg, Texas. The Heritage Center is a twenty-six thousand square-foot facility on twelve acres of land, dedicated to preserving the lore of the Texas Rangers and working with the youth of Texas to instill the same value-based traits that defined Texas and the Texas Rangers.”


The Cimarron Firearms 1911 One Ranger is available now with an MSRP of $747.50.

The Cimarron 1911 One Ranger.

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