Shooting 12-gauge shotguns tops my list when it comes to all-around fun-to-shoot firearms platforms. Whether for sport, trap, and skeet, or tactical training and pure overall enjoyment, you can’t beat it. But to be honest, when it comes to 12-gauge shotty’s there really aren’t new releases often that get me excited. But once in a while, one comes along that shakes up the market in terms of innovative design and aesthetics. Like the Escort BTS Bullpup Shotgun.

The Escort BTS Bullpup Shotgun

Some will say “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” Maybe. But I’m more of the “Let’s push this shit to the bleeding edge and see how far we can take it” camp. Sure, every so often we get some newfangled recoil-reducing stocks that promise to make your gun punch like a kitten.

Or some bold new stealthy camo patterns and color options, and new accessories here and there. But I’m talking about those overall outside-of-the-box, ass-kicking aesthetic and design shake-ups that challenge the way we’ve looked at the platform for so long.

When HatsanUSA Inc. (the exclusive U.S. distributor of Escort shotguns) released something as unique looking as the Escort BTS bullpup shotgun, I knew I wanted to get my hands on one and take it for a spin.

Bullpup Details

The Escort BTS is a semi-auto bullpup that looks like a futuristic weapons system. Like something straight out of my favorite science fiction action films and video games, like “Starship Troopers,” “Aliens” or “Halo.”

The Escort BTS Bullpup Shotgun.

For those uninitiated to the bullpup world, a “bullpup” is a firearm platform with the action located behind the trigger instead of in front of it. This design style offers a more compact and maneuverable weapon system in terms of functionality and engineering. Especially when compared to conventional firearm designs with the same barrel length.

The design also maintains the advantages of a long barrel. Such as increased muzzle velocity and improved effective range while also reducing the overall size and weight of the firearm.

But beyond mere tacti-cool, sci-fi aesthetics, and the bullpup design, the BTS shotgun includes some very cool ergonomics and features that truly make it a next-gen shotgun that’s capable of taking on an alien horde and handling more terrestrial business here on earth.

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