The Girsan MC312 Tactical Shotgun.

You can’t beat the trusty old shotgun when it comes to home defense. In high-stress situations, gross motor skills take over. But the large coverage of a scattergun blast reduces the need for precise target acquisition. Not to mention, when burglars see or hear a shotgun, they know the jig is up. With tactical enhancements, the MC312 Tactical Shotgun from Girsan provides features perfect for any home defense plan.

The Girsan MC312 Tactical Shotgun

Building on a fully machined 6061 T6 receiver, the MC312 features a low-profile accessory rail. As a result, the shooter can keep their head tucked, presenting a smaller target. The accessory rail comes with a factory-installed wide-view red dot optic already in place. Similarly, the addition of a raised front rifle-style sight works in conjunction with the optic.

The polymer stock features a pistol grip for enhanced control and balance. Likewise, a rubber butt pad prevents slipping, while offering additional comfort. The mag tube features common cap threads, allowing for additional upgrades such as an extended magazine.

Chambered in 12-gauge, the MC312 includes an enhanced loading port for quad-loading of 3- or 2.75-inch shells. Correspondingly, the rotating bolt ensures a solid breech lockup when firing. Finally, a breaching choke finishes out the 18.5-inch barrel.

“We at EAA are very proud of this engineering and design feat and are very anxious to see the reception of the consumer,” said Chase Duffey, National Sales, and Import Manager at EAA. “I firmly believe our customers will be very pleased with the functionality, performance, and overall design of the MC312 Tactical Shotgun and look forward to showing it and all of our Girsan models at the upcoming NRA Show in Houston, TX.”


The Girsan MC312 Tactical Shotgun is available now with an MSRP of $578.00. For more info, please visit

The Girsan MC312 Tactical Shotgun.

Girsan MC312 Tactical Shotgun Specs

Finish: Blue/Black
Caliber: 12GA (3” or 2 ¾”)
Capacity: 5 + 1
Barrel Length: 18.5 inches
Length of Pull: 14.25 inches
Overall Length: 40 inches
Weight: 6.75 pounds
MSRP: $578.00

Girsan MC312 Tactical Features

  • Inertia Semi-Auto Shotgun
  • Picatinny Rail Machined into the Receiver
  • Polymer Pistol Grip Stock
  • Red Dot Optics

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