The High Speed Gear ReFlex Leg Rig IFAK System.

Whether you are law enforcement, military, or a civilian concerned about changing times, medical supplies are no place to skimp. In an active combat situation, things can go sideways, fast. So, it is important that at least someone on your team has easily accessible emergency medical supplies. For that reason, High Speed Gear releases its new ReFlex Leg Rig IFAK System.

The High Speed Gear ReFlex Leg Rig IFAK System

The ReFlex is a two-piece system—medical roll and leg rig carrier—featuring a Cordura nylon laminate construction. Correspondingly, the system was designed and developed with direct input from active-duty medical personnel. As a result, the ReFlex is built to carry the supplies issued in the U.S. Army IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit).

The ReFlex additionally features adjustable straps, ensuring that it rides in the perfect position for every user. Likewise, side release buckles on the thigh and belt straps allow for fast and easy on/off in an emergency.

In addition, external elastic loops allow for quick retrieval of markers, chem lights, etc. Also, side webbing allows for the external attachment of a tourniquet. Similarly, the back features a slip pocket for fast access to medical shears. The addition of a side adjustable retention system also ensures that the IFAK roll is secured in place during carry.

Since medical items do not come with the ReFlex, you can opt for the Army-issue IFAK or build your own kit.

“Many of our customers may need quick-access to medical supplies that an IFAK System would carry, however do not have the room to attach this type of gear to their belt. The ReFlex Leg Rig was instinctively designed so the user can still have the same HSGI retention they know and trust, while carrying everything that they need,” explained Daniel Chaney, HSGI® Senior Designer. “Safety and durability is our number one priority at High Speed Gear to ensure that everyone who wears our gear is effectively prepared.”


The High Speed Gear ReFlex Leg Rig IFAK System Accessory is available now, with an MSRP of $114.00. For more info, please visit

The High Speed Gear ReFlex Leg Rig IFAK System.

High Speed Gear ReFlex Leg Rig IFAK System Accessory Features

  • Cordura nylon construction
  • Adjustable retention
  • Elastic loops for markers, chem lights, etc.
  • Slip pocket for medical shears
  • Loop ID panel
  • Side release buckles on thigh strap and belt strap for rapid on/off
  • Made in USA
  • Berry Compliant
  • MSRP: $114.00

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