The SnapSafe Trunk Safe II.

Keeping your firearms secure is essential, whether traveling over the road or just going to the range. This is especially true in states like Illinois, where they have no CCW/CPL reciprocity. But, in SUV-style vehicles, there is no trunk to secure your valuables. Not to mention, car trunks are not completely immune to forced entry. For this reason, SnapSafe releases its Trunk Safe II.

The SnapSafe Trunk Safe II

Constructed of 13-gauge steel, with a 6-gauge steel door, the Trunk Safe II provides heavy-duty security. Additionally, the recessed door prevents prying around the perimeter. Likewise, eight interior locking lugs ensure that no attempts at prying will provide access to its contents. However, upon authorized entry, internal hinges, and premium gas shocks ensure smooth operation.

In order to prevent a grab-and-go theft of the safe, the included 3-foot cable allows anchoring to any stationary object in the vehicle. However, if you prefer a permanent installation, the bottom panel includes four pre-drilled holes.

Measuring 42-inches wide, 7-inches high, and 13-inches deep, the Trunk Safe II provides plenty of room. With more than 3700 cubic inches of storage space, you can easily fit rifles or an assortment of pistols. Not to mention other important items, like documents, tools, ammo, etc. Correspondingly, a padded bottom liner offers additional protection of the safe’s contents.

Weighing 69 pounds, the safe includes integrated D-handles on each end for easier removal and carry between two people. The dimensions and design of the Trunk Safe II are perfectly designed to fit into the back of an SUV, van, car trunk, RV, or in your home.

A 3- to 8-digit programmable digital lock, with a keypad, provides quick access to the Trunk Safe II. However, in the event of a low battery, a mechanical key also ensures you can get to the contents inside.


The SnapSafe Trunk Safe II is available now with an MSRP of $663.99. For more info, please visit

The SnapSafe Trunk Safe II.

SnapSafe Trunk Safe II Specs

Exterior: 42”W x 7”H x 13”D
Weight: 69 lbs
Includes: 3-foot cable
Lock: Digital Keypad Lock with Backup Key – 8 locking lugs
MSRP: $663.99

SnapSafe Trunk Safe II Features

  • Large storage capacity for tools, firearms, equipment, documents, and more
  • Theft protection for your SUV, car trunk, RV or home
  • Heavy-duty 13-gauge steel exterior with rugged 6-gauge steel door featuring eight interior locking lugs
  • Internal hinges and premium gas shocks that provide smooth operation
  • Digital lock (programable) with key backup
  • Pry resistant door
  • Includes a 3-foot cable for added security when anchored to a stationary object
  • Pre-drilled holes on the bottom panel for permanent installation
  • Integrated handles to assist with transport in and out of a vehicle
  • Padded floor mat

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