American Eagle 30 Super Carry.

Designed to fill a gap in handgun cartridges, the American Eagle 30 Super Carry offers an ideal training round option. Additionally, with a terminal performance boost over the 380 Auto, it delivers the muzzle energy of a 9mm. However, the new round presents slightly less recoil than the 9mm, for improved handling, while offering additional magazine capacity.

American Eagle 30 Super Carry

Housed within reloadable brass, the 100-grain Full Metal Jacket round boasts the same feel and point of impact as Federal HST. This, coupled with an affordable price point, makes the 30 Super Carry an excellent training round. According to the company, it compares to 9mm in performance, but presents less recoil, making it ideal for smaller firearms.

With a .312-inch projectile, the 30 Super Carry is smaller than 9mm Luger and .380 ACP. For this reason, it can hold 12-13 rounds in a magazine similar to the size of a 10-round 9mm Luger. This also makes it a workable option for a budget concealed carry round. Not to mention, at 1250 feet per second, it’s pretty snappy.

“The 30 Super Carry fills a big gap in handgun cartridges,” said Chris Laack, Federal’s Handgun Ammunition Product Manager. “This new cartridge offers a significant terminal performance boost over the 380 Auto with as much muzzle energy as a 9mm Luger. Users will see performance similar to 9mm Luger with slightly less recoil and additional magazine capacity.”


Federal Ammunition American Eagle 30 Super Carry is available now, with an MSRP of $31.99 for a 50-count box. For more info, please visit

American Eagle 30 Super Carry Specs

Caliber: 30 Super Carry
Muzzle Velocity: 1250 fps
Bullet Weight: 100 grain
Bullet Style: Full Metal Jacket
Test Barrel Length: 4 inches
Package Quantity: 50
Usage: Target Shooting
MSRP: $31.99 (50-count box)

30 Super Carry Features

  • Clean-burning powders
  • Federal® primers and brass
  • Wide selection of bullet styles to suit target practice
  • Compatible with firearms chambered in 30 Super Carry
  • Smaller profile allows more magazine capacity with muzzle energy and performance equal to 9mm Luger

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