The Elite Survival Systems Smokescreen Backpack.

Concealed carry takes on many forms, from waistline and shoulder carry to off-body carry. Although not everyone agrees with the concept of off-body carry, if you do, a backpack is a great option. Specifically, because it provides the room and options for carrying other supplies as well, like extra magazines and accessories. With this in mind, Elite Survival Systems provides the Smokescreen backpack with an available ballistic insert.

The Elite Survival Systems Smokescreen Backpack

Constructed of a lightweight, yet durable, 420 denier nylon, the Smokescreen adds little overall weight to your loadout. Emulating the look and feel of a civilian sling bag, including civilian color options, also helps you maintain a grey man appearance, allowing you to blend in.

The ambidextrous sling features a wide profile for comfortable all-day carry, even with a heavy load. Likewise, the passthrough holster compartment allows for easy access for either right- or left-handed use. Correspondingly, the sling style carry allows the backpack to be swung around the body quickly for fast access to your pistol.

With a spacious main compartment, with a laptop sleeve, and a secondary compartment with an admin panel, there is ample room for storage. In addition, a zippered eyewear pocket and multiple zippered utility pockets provide room for everything needed for a long day. Similarly, a hydration pocket ensures you stay hydrated when out for extended periods.

For an additional fee, Elite Survival Systems will fit the Smokescreen with a ballistic insert for additional protection. Although you wouldn’t send your child to school with a concealed firearm, the ballistic version makes a great school backpack. This goes for college students as well. With the increase in school shootings, you can never be too safe.

Editor’s Note:

If you do opt for off-body concealed carry, make sure to remain hyper-vigilant. Your situational awareness needs to be on point at all times because snatch and grab experts are just that—experts. The last thing you want is for a criminal to be running around with your firearm.


The Elite Survival Systems Smokescreen Backpack is available now, with an MSRP of $139.95. For more info, please visit

The Elite Survival Systems Smokescreen Backpack.

Elite Survival Systems Smokescreen Backpack Features

  • Lightweight, durable 420 denier nylon construction
  • Fully-functional, adjustable, single strap tactical pack
  • Spacious main compartment with laptop sleeve
  • Secondary compartment with admin panel
  • Zippered eyewear pocket with soft lining
  • Additional zippered utility pockets
  • Easy grab-and-go carry handle
  • The pass-through gun holster compartment can be accessed from either side of the pack
    • Snap-tab retention zippers help keep the firearm compartment from coming unintentionally unzipped
  • Adjustable TwinWing™ dual flap design allows the pack to be switched from right hand to left-hand use
    • Attach the desired wing to shoulder strap
    • Stow un-used wing in back panel
  • The shoulder strap incorporates a mesh utility pouch and velcro-strap segments to hold cords, pens, or knives in place
  • Segmented foam panels on the back distribute weight and create ventilation between the pack and carrier regardless of carry angle
  • Gun holster compartment fits up to full-size autos
  • Modern, covert aesthetic style and color options
  • Available in black/gray, coyote/olive, indigo/brown, gray/orange
  • MSRP – $139.95

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