The Nighthawk Custom Prohibition.

The roaring 20s were a transitional period in the history of our country. Cars had pretty much completely replaced horse and carriage. Movies finally had sound. And the government told citizens they were no longer allowed to drink. Leave it to Nighthawk Custom to memorialize the Prohibition era in such spectacular fashion.

The Nighthawk Custom Prohibition

Known for incredible works of functional art, Nighthawk Custom is no stranger to using steel as a canvas. Remember Pandora’s Box? It was the pistol that encapsulated the pandemic and captured the overall feeling throughout the country. Now, Nighthawk Custom tells another tale of a pivotal time in our history, with The Prohibition.

The hand engraved one-of-a-kind 1911 tells the tale of Prohibition, featuring both the good and bad on opposite sides.

On one side is the story of “The Untouchable Prohibition Agents” Elliot Ness and Jimmy Malone. The grip features the likeness of both agents in 999 silver inlay. In addition, the entire slide, frame and dust cover come together to tell the story of them taking down Al Capone in 1930.

The rear of the slide depicts the agents with the label “treasury department,” just above a 24K gold inlayed badge. Likewise, one agent holds up a 24K inlayed gold badge as the two stand with firearms, ready for a bust. The front of the slide features a depiction of agents dumping confiscated whiskey barrels into the gutter. In the scene, the distilling container and tools also feature gold inlay. Even the barrel gets into the action, engraved to look like a distillery.

The Nighthawk Custom Prohibition.

The left side features mafia bosses Al Capone and Lucky Luciano. The front of the slide features the infamous Cotton Club, with the name inlayed in 24K gold, while the frame and dust cover display parked cars. Additionally, the rear of the slide displays Capone and Luciano superimposed over rolls of cash. The grip features bank robber and boot legger John Dillinger in 999 silver.

Final Touches

For final touches, the top of the slide at the rear features famous Cotton Club dancer Mildred Dixon. Additionally, the front sight is a whiskey bottle with the engraving “Prohibition — 13 Years” inlayed with 999 silver and a red seal.

The front strap depicts Al Capone in cuffs and the back strap looks like bars with “Alcatraz” inlayed in gold. Another likeness of Mildred Dixon graces the beavertail safety.

The Nighthawk Custom Prohibition.

The Prohibition rests in a display box constructed from a 300-year-old oak barn, with upholstery in blue Alcantara leather. On the front of the box are two latches made to resemble revolver cylinders.

Rising in popularity during Prohibition, 2 bottles of Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition Scotch was the perfect addition. The pistol ships with two bottles so the proud owner can celebrate with one and keep the other intact with the 1911.

The Nighthawk Custom Prohibition.


The Nighthawk Custom Prohibition is a one-of-a-kind pistol and sold immediately for the price of $144,999.00. For more info, please visit

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