The SK Customs The Emperor 1911.

Fought for 11 years and 11 days, the Mexican War of Independence was not too unlike ours. Much like the United States’ independence from Britain, the conflict resulted in Mexico’s independence from Spain. Ending in 1821, the mainland of New Spain organized as the Mexican Empire. In 1823 a constitution was established, the monarchy was overthrown, and Mexico was declared a federal republic. After attempts by Spain to reconquest Mexico, Isabella II of Spain recognized Mexico’s independence in 1836. This storied history is now commemorated in the SK Customs The Emperor 1911.

The SK Customs The Emperor 1911

Limited to only 200 pieces, The Emperor tells the tale of Agustín De Iturbide who commanded the Army of the Three Guarantees. As a result, he is responsible for vanquishing the Spanish from ruling over Mexican native lands. Likewise, Agustín was the first to sign Mexico’s Declaration of Independence. He went on to become the First President of the Regency, and later the First Emperor of Mexico.

Chambered in .38 Super, the full-size Government Model Colt 1911 features intricate details, illustrating the conflict. The high polish black frame and slide act to beautifully highlight the silver-plated artwork and hardware. Likewise, Pearlite grips with the emblem of the iconic Rampant Colt, in silver, stand out against the black frame.

The slide’s left side features an ornate custom scroll pattern framing a depiction of Iturbide leading the Army of the Three Guarantees into Mexico City after their victory. Just under the scene are the words “Ejercito Imperial de las Tres Garantias,” meaning Imperial Army of the Three Guarantees. Engraved behind the rear slide serration is the shield of the House of Iturbide.

The right side of the slide features more custom scroll work leading to the Eagle on the Coat of Arms on Mexico’s current flag. Just forward of the eagle is a depiction of the various artillery used in the Mexican War of Independence. Just behind the rear serrations is the Imperial Crown of Mexico, showcasing each gun’s unique edition number.

The SK Customs The Emperor 1911.

The top of the slide features a portrait of Iturbide in uniform with the words “Agustin De Mexico” below. Just forward of the rear sight is the original bell rang by Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla to sound the call to arms, triggering the war. A scroll below the bell contains the single word “Independencia.”

The SK Customs The Emperor 1911.


“We honored Mexico’s independence by launching this very exclusive limited edition in 2021, and now we are commemorating their freedom once again, by partnering with to auction the most desirable #001 of this series,” said Simon Khiabani, owner and founder of SK Customs®.

Although 002 – 200 immediately sold out, for the price of $3,000, #001 is up for auction at But you might want to hurry up, time’s ticking and so are the bids.

The SK Customs The Emperor 1911 #001 of 200 is available at auction until 4/10/22 at 9:00 PM, with a starting bid of $7,000.00. The current bid, as of this writing, is $8,030.00 For more info, please visit

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