The SnapSafe GlideVault Gun Safe.

In every one of our classes at Renaissance Firearms Instruction, we advocate securing your firearms. Naturally, this idea raises the question, “well how do we get them in time during an emergency?” Fair point. After all, a gun that is completely inaccessible is equally hazardous in certain circumstances. This is where safes like the SnapSafe GlideVault gun safe come in.

The SnapSafe GlideVault Gun Safe

When the first Hornady RAPiD safe came to market it solved this problem, however, it screamed “GUN SAFE!” when sitting atop a nightstand, easily drawing unwanted attention when unattended.

The top of this safe also needed to remain clear, otherwise, it wouldn’t pop open when activated. As these issues do indeed present a problem for certain living scenarios, an alternative design needed to be constructed. Meet the SnapSafe GlideVault.

The GlideVault is designed to be less gun shop and more living room, while still retaining the security properties that meet the strict standards gun owners demand. Additionally, the GlideVault has speedy access features, like a touchpad combo and spring-loaded drawer that rockets open without any intervention from the user. This leaves a hand free to call 911, hold a door closed, or even render medical aid.

I first came face to face with this new safe at the Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous, back in October of 2021. After six long months, I was able to get a sample in my hands for some testing.

Initial Impressions

As I lifted the GlideVault out of its packaging, I noticed its light-grey exterior. The color scheme would flow with just about any interior décor and sort of just disappears into the background. Hiding in plain sight if you will.

Aside from being neutral in color, it was also rough enough in texture to hold common interior paint. You could paint it to match the mounting location and stick a plant on it if you really wanted to. Then, it’ll look like nothing more than a pedestal with a shiny face.

Speaking of mounting, the GlideVault’s bottom is pre-drilled to mount to any sturdy surface. For those that are handy with a drill and aren’t scared of a little work, the GlideVault could be mounted under a cabinet as well, offering another layer of disguise and convenience.

Lastly, should you want to skip the permanent mounting altogether, it includes a tiedown cable, allowing for more portability as well as use within a vehicle.

Powering the unit are four everyday AAA batteries that work the electronics and the release. To prohibit tampering, the battery compartment is located inside of the safe’s locking compartment. Should they die, each GlideVault comes with a set of backup keys as well as a backup USB port to supply power, via rechargeable bank or 5V supply.

The SnapSafe GlideVault Gun Safe.

However, as the backlit combo pad goes to sleep relatively quickly, you can expect an extraordinarily long lifespan. Likewise, the SnapSafe provides ample warning when the batteries are getting weak.


After unpacking the rest of the contents, I set my combination by opening the unit with the included keys and pressing the set button inside of the drawer. After putting my code in twice, the unit flashed and I was in business. For those that have a habit of losing instructions, these are printed right inside the drawer, so there isn’t any real worry in that department.

The operation of the safe is as simple as putting in your code and then pressing enter. I will warn, however, that the first tap doesn’t count, as it just wakes up the unit. So, in theory, you need to put your first digit in twice. That lesson sticks pretty fast though, so it wasn’t a concern.

After mastering the art of pressing buttons, I measured an internal storage space of 9.5” x 13.5”, making it big enough for even the largest hand cannon or even a pair of compact pistols.

The fully open space even offers enough room for other valuables, spare magazines or anything else that you wish to keep locked up. The GlideVault even includes an anti-marring matt to protect the finishes of your finer goods, like wedding rings or your prized Desert Eagle.

I finished my day of testing by swapping out my old nightstand safe with this one and then putting that same stack of magazines that “I’ll get around to reading” on top of the GlideVault.

Now, I have a guilt-free place for my reading material and a fast, effective method of securing my home protection pistol. Best of all, an intruder will likely walk right past it without even knowing it was there.

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The SnapSafe GlideVault Gun Safe.

SnapSafe GlideVault Gun Safe Features: 

  • Tempered glass touchpad (programmable 4-6 digit access code) with silent mode 
  • Spring-assisted slide-out drawer for handguns, jewelry and other valuables
  • Pry-resistant door keeps children and unauthorized users from gaining access
  • Exterior housing constructed of 16-gauge steel 
  • Vault door features two internal hardened locking lugs
  • Anchor to stationery objects with an included 5-foot cable
  • Permanently install using the pre-drilled holes
  • Battery-powered for mounting anywhere
  • Barrel key or micro-USB port backup access
  • Padded drawer liner protects valuables

SnapSafe GlideVault Specifications:

Lock Opening: Digital Touchpad, Barrel Key or Micro-USB port
Exterior Housing: 16-gauge steel 
Dimensions: 15.9” Wide x 12.2” Deep x 4.4” Height  
Weight: 26lbs
Includes: 5-foot security cable
MSRP: $291.99

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