Although pistol lights provide an important benefit, they can also add a level of difficulty—finding the right holster. Even though there are a lot of holster options on the market, the ones that accommodate lights are very specific. For this reason, 1791 Gunleather introduces its Ultra Custom Light Bearing holster line, customizable for most concealed carry pistols.

1791 Gunleather Ultra Custom Light Bearing Holsters

Utilizing Memory-Lok technology, the Custom Light Bearing holster allows you to form the holster to your firearm. As a result, comes a custom fit with Kydex like retention and the comfort of leather. Additionally, the easy three-step process allows you to perform the fitting process multiple times. This comes in handy if you switch guns.

The package includes everything you will need to custom fit the holster to your firearm/light combo. Included in the kit are two tools for shaping the inside, to prevent snagging of the attached light. The tools were originally designed for shaping the sight channel in 1791’s other Memory-Lok holsters.

Additionally, you will receive two spacers and extended brass grommets, to ensure a perfect fit for your firearm. The grommets are included in the event you need to double the spacers to accommodate a wider slide. You also get two Ziplock bags for heating the leather in hot water.

The process looks fairly simple. You just heat the leather in hot water (inside the provided Ziplock baggie). Once the leather is heated properly it will be very soft and malleable. Pull it out of the baggie and place your pistol into the holster. Check for anyplace that the light or firearm can snag or catch. If you identify potential snagging points, use the provided tools to create a channel and bypass whatever is catching.

As the leather is cooling you can shape it to your pistol as much or as little as you would like. You can get very detailed and have a great-looking holster. Or you can just get it to the point that it holds your pistol snugly, without too much definition.

Editor’s Note:

It is hard to tell without seeing them in person, but they look slightly large. Likewise, they do not have two-point belt loops, so they may not hold as tightly to the body. As a result, it is possible that they may print when carrying concealed.


1791 Gunleather Ultra Custom Light Bearing holsters are available now for subcompact to full-size frames, with an MSRP of $99.99. For more info, please visit

1791 Ultra Custom Light Bearing Holsters single point belt loop.

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