Dr. Oz Pushes to Fund CDC Gun Violence Research.
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Last year we reported that Dr. Oz is a proponent of gun control, with his support of red flag laws. Although he has made attempts over recent months to distance himself from his anti-gun image, he just can’t help himself. And now, further demonstrating his views on the Second Amendment, he is calling to fund CDC gun violence research.

Dr. Oz Pushes to Fund CDC Gun Violence Research

I am not suggesting that research into violent crime is a bad thing. It is the hyper-focus on one kind of crime that is disconcerting, at best. Violent crime is a real and an increasing issue. However, gun violence is the only violence that the CDC, Democrats, and Dr. Oz seem to care about.

As I recently reported, the CDC is ramping up its research into gun violence as a public health threat. And I will say it again, we all know what happens when the CDC gets its hands on a public health threat. Something tells me that Dr. Oz knows what happens too. This makes his tweet calling to fund the CDC research, and even calling gun violence a “public health problem,” dubious.

It seems that anyone serious about ending violence would take a harder look at overall causes. Until the CDC is ready to consider causes like defunding law enforcement, soft-on-crime prosecutors, premature release of dangerous prisoners, and no-cash bail, I don’t buy it. Not to mention the mental health crisis caused by the draconian lockdowns instituted by the CDC itself.

According to the NRA in a recent Washington Times article, “Call it mission creep, the bureaucratic imperative, greed, or a function of ideology, but it is clear that the CDC and public health officials are seeking to exert control over a greater number of people in a larger and increasingly tenuous array of circumstances.”

Getting Rid of the Tool Will Not Get Rid of the Cause

Considering that Pennsylvania is the birthplace of independence, it’s crazy to think that an anti-gun candidate could become its representative. The Declaration of Independence and Gettysburg Address were literally written there.

It would be refreshing if he were to call for the CDC to research the cause and not the tool. But he didn’t. He focused on the gun as well. This hyper-focus on one tool is indicative that nothing about this “research” will be fair or balanced. This has all the earmarks of a verdict looking for evidence. And the CDC knows how to construct evidence.

Violence has always been around and will always be around. Getting rid of a tool will not get rid of the problem. It’s nothing more than smoke and mirrors and once the audience figures out the trick it will be too late.

Einstein said it best, when he said, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

But make no mistake, it will still be fought.

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